DIY Christmas Trees from Mindy @ Creative Juice {guest post tutorial}

*Hey everybody! Season 14 of So You Think You’re Crafty is going to be fantastic. However, it won’t be starting until the New Year – we decided to let the crafters have a little break and family time too :) . But I have a great schedule of guest posts and shop spotlights lined up from now until then. Have a great Holiday season and see you all after the New Year!*

hi! i’m mindy from CREATIVE JUICE!

i’m super excited about guest posting here today!

a little about me…

i hate using caps and i’m a horrible speller,

i love to entertain and throw over the top parties,

i obsess over macarons,

AND i am writing a book!!!

today i am here sharing my 


made with cones, string, ornaments, & trim.
they are SUPER EASY to make.
here’s how:

gather trim & yarn
scissors & tape
styrofoam cones {3 diff sizes} & ornaments
wrap your cone
the yarn will stick in place to the styrofoam
leave a small amount at the top
remove the string from the ornament
use the ornament to hide the end of the yarn
stick the end in that had the hole from the ornament string
add end of accent yarn under the ornament
secure at bottom with masking tape
love it? i do.
sometimes they are on my table
and sometimes they are by our 

happy entertaining!
mindy starr

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