Custom Lined Canvas Bins

*Project made by Amy @ Positively Splendid for the Upcycled challenge*

Over the years, my household has acquired an abundance of two things in particular: 1) little items that need to be stored away in some semblance of order; and 2) diaper boxes. I actually think there could be some sort of mathematical equation that could show the direct relationship between the presence of those two categories! I have been in the market for some storage boxes to stow away movies, remotes and games in our living room, but each time I would look into purchasing some, I was stopped in my tracks by the appallingly outrageous prices asked by places like Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs. So, in the spirit of upcycling, I decided to make some on my own, for a fraction of the cost! Curious to know how I did it?

What began as three diaper boxes became in just a couple of hours a chic collection of lined, numbered canvas bins. The custom look of these really belies the fact that they all started off life as a vessel for holding diapers, don’t you think? My head is already dancing with ideas for all of the other rooms in my house that will get a set of similar containers!

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