Costumes – Week 2 (with results)

Can you believe last weeks crafts?  They were so cool weren’t they?  I loved all the home decor ideas.  I sometimes have a hard time thinking up new decorations for fall, so last week gave me tons of ideas.  And did you check into Expect Moore to see all those Pumpkin crafts throughout the week too?

KoJo Designs turned out to be the winner.  They won by a single vote!  That is one tight race!  I’ve put the tutorial for their Pumpkin Patch Weekender bag up with the other winning tutorials, so you should check it out!  Congrats Ladies!!

But that means that Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage is leaving us this week.  I always hate saying goodbye to someone the first week.  We don’t get near enough time to get to know them or their crafts.  It’s a good thing they have blogs we can follow.  We’ll also be learning a little bit more about her this Wednesday.

If you would like to see the final numbers for last week, here are the results.

That leaves these fine ladies for this week:

Heidi @ Made by Heidi
Nikki @ Lily Bug Desings
Ashley @ Simply Designing
Kailyn  @ Kailyn’s Bit of Sunshine
Julliana@ Equal Opportunity Crafter
Chica & Jo @ Chica and Jo
Lauren @ Creatively Crafty Baby
Amanda @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition
Kirstin & Jordan @ KoJo Designs

And here are their Costume Crafts!

Voting will be open until the night of Friday, October 15.

Craft #1 – Super Hero Cape – Julliana

Boys like to dress up too sometimes! (And who say’s a girl can’t be a super hero?)

I’ve seen some really cute superhero capes, but none of them were quite right. Still, I wanted one for my son…here’s what I came up with. This one is designed so it would be easy on and off (velcro) and not tie around his neck.

This tutorial will include the pattern and sizing for Small, Medium and Large as well as four different super hero insignia templates (two are pictured).

You could make a few of these double sided capes so all the kids can dress up together!

Craft #2 – Hitch: The Mad Scientist – Kailyn

Hitch is wearing a black faux fur custom made wig. His lab coat is made of tea stained muslin. His apron is . They are a faux leather with a woven texture.  He is holding in his leeft hand a test tube, made from a old pen. In his right hand he is holding his saffety goggles made of the same faux leather with holes punched and te lenses are circles cut from a Dr. Pepper bottle. This entire costume was put together with Fabri-Tac glue.

Craft #3 – Panda Paws – Lauren

Girl? Boy? How about something for both!

I just love this fluffy costume! Perfect for cold weather, and adorable on any little boy or girl. Little paw prints on the feet, and a little fluffy tail in the back complete the look. And the smile doesn’t hurt either!

Craft #4 – Candy Corn – Chica & Jo

When dressing the little ones for Halloween, costumes not only have to
be cute and sweet, but they also have to be comfortable.  This
adorable candy corn costume is made of soft fleece that is so comfy
that even the pickiest of toddlers (like this one) will wear it
happily.  It’s also incredibly easy to sew, and doesn’t require
hemming.  The dress and matching hat and trick-or-treat bag can be
made in just half an hour, leaving plenty of time to paint a pair of
old shoes orange and yellow to match the candy corn theme!

Craft #5 – Upside-Down Man – Mandy

Need a quick and easy, no-sew costume with items that you have around the house??  Here you go:
The Upside-Down Man

I love this costume for so many reasons:
–easy- no sewing required
–made from items you have on hand
–appeals to kids who still want to dress up but aren’t into characters, etc – costume is great for adults as well
As a poor college student I entered as the Upside-Down Man in a campus activities costume contest – just threw the costume together – and then won $50 – score!

To make it more fun, hop on one foot (which looks like a hand) and you give a “break-dancing” effect.  Or slowly bring your arms (which look like legs) together and you give a “standing-on-your-hands-doing-split-tricks” effect.  (As I was taking pictures of the tricks the young neighbor girl came over and was amazing – “is he really standing on his hands – wow!”)  For trick-or-treating, just hang a Halloween bucket on one of the shoes.

The Upside-Down Man tutorial will give directions on putting the costume together (which should take less than 10 minutes) and helpful hints for fitting it properly.

Craft #6 – Strawberry Shortcake – Nikki

I made a Strawberry Shortcake costume for Halloween.  I went for the “old school” Strawberry Shortcake versus the newly designed one.  I guess I just prefer her better since she’s the one I recognize from my childhood.  The outfit includes hat, dress, pinafore, bloomers, painted green striped tights and trick or treat bag.

For the hat, I painted the strawberries on the fabric, added a stuffed strawberry to the top and finished it off with a bow.

Of course the costume wouldn’t be complete without a strawberry trick or treat bag.

Craft #7 – Mod Bo Peep – KoJo Designs

Where, oh where, has my little sheep gone?
Goodness gracious me- there you are!
So glad I found you… now off to round up a herd of candy!

What could be cuter than a mod Bo Peep costume paired with a fluffy sheep trick-or-treat bag? Not much! Even better, most of the costume (the pettiskirt, the hair bow, and the leg warmers) can transition from Halloween apparel to everyday wear after October 31st, so the time you spend creating this little get-up will be well worth the investment!

Craft #8 – Costume Box – Heidi

Costumes… costumes… costumes… there are about a million things that come to mind when I think about making something with this theme in mind, and I thought, “why limit myself to just one costume?” That’s when the “costume box” was born…

It has a felt person pasted to the top of the box and tons of felt costumes/wigs/accessories inside to dress this little doll!

You have a Frankenstein, pumpkin (complete with a stem hat), bird/beak, bee, princess/crown, cowgirl, ballerina, wigs, etc…. the best part? these pieces are all interchangeable. You can have a ballerina with a Frankenstein head, a bee wearing a yellow wig, a bird wearing a cow-girl skirt & boots, etc… you get the picture!

Costume box = tons of fun for your little one!

Craft #9 – Witch Princess – Ashley

(this is her scary face ha ha ha1)

What little girl doesn’t love being a Princess for Halloween? Mine sure does. And let me tell you…she makes a CUTE Cinderella!

But I also have a soft spot in my heart for traditional Halloween costumes as well.

So this year, we created, the WITCH PRINCESS!

And what is a Witch Princess you ask? (My husband asked me too!)

It is a Witch, with style, sass, and most importantly, SPARKLE!

For Princesses, it’s all about the accessories and the sparkle!

This costume comes complete with a matching Witch Hat Trick-or-Treat bag, very cute striped matching tights, and, of course lots and LOTS of sparkly rhinestones on her fluffy, shimmery, princess-like tulle skirt!

Oh, and you can’t forget the sparkly black spider necklace and silky purple and black cape with witchy-green accents!  And of course, the whole outfit it topped off with a tall, pointy, fancy witches hat!

My daughter started off this month telling me she wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween, but after I made this fabulous costume, she is now saying that she wants to be a Witch Princess!  So cute!

Oh…and just in case you are wondering…yes, this is almost entirely hand made!  The tutorial will include the how-to for the hat (non-sewn version), the trick or treat bag/hat (sewn version), the necklace, cape and fabulous sparkly tulle skirt including the rhinestone application!

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  1. says

    I LOVED this weeks challenge. So hard to choose, but I really loved the costume box because it was think outside the box. Very creative and fun. Thanks for all the amazing ideas:) To bad everyone can’t be winners because they are all so awesome!

  2. Ashley says

    Candy corn all the way! I was thinking of crocheting my little girl a candy corn hat but maybe I’ll just do this one instead. Cute!

  3. Rose in Ohio says

    Oh, the creativity! Oh, the cleverness! Oh, the variety! Oh, the talent! I’m blown away. I refuse to vote for just one of these. It is impossible to make a decision.