Costume Box

*Project by Heidi*

Costumes… costumes… costumes… there are about a million things that come to mind when I think about making something with this theme in mind, and I thought, “why limit myself to just one costume?” That’s when the “costume box” was born…

It has a felt person pasted to the top of the box and tons of felt costumes/wigs/accessories inside to dress this little doll!

You have a Frankenstein, pumpkin (complete with a stem hat), bird/beak, bee, princess/crown, cowgirl, ballerina, wigs, etc…. the best part? these pieces are all interchangeable. You can have a ballerina with a Frankenstein head, a bee wearing a yellow wig, a bird wearing a cow-girl skirt & boots, etc… you get the picture!

Costume box = tons of fun for your little one!

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