Cloths-Pin Bracelet

*Project by Kailyn @  Kailyn’s Bit of Sunshine*

These are bracelets I made out of a spring in a clothes pin. I took them apart and hooked the springs together. They go together so simply.

I took apart an old earing and wired the beads to the centers in a criss cross. Just be careful to wire it while it is undone and not together. I wired several shut while I was experimenting. While I was rummaging in my busted up jewelry, I found a broken charm braclet. The charms easily slipped on to tthe springs and slide around and have some movement, really cute. The last one I decided to wire on some fun pearls from another broken necklace. I wired these down the middle of the springs.

They all came together very quickly and easy. They make a perfect bracelet, and pop together perfect to form the bracelet. They also form their own clasp to hook together. Or you can add enough to slide on your wrist. In that case its ok if you wire it shut. They were alot of fun to make. No fuss, no mess. Its unique and a great fashionista way to recycle.

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