Charity @ Cannwin

I am a lover of the written word and started blogging as an excuse to write everyday, along the way I discovered crafting tutorials and now my house is an explosion of crafts.

I learned how to really sew from my mother-in-law and made my first quilt under her tutelage, since then I’ve broken every rule she told me, at least once.

I live in a house too big for my tastes with my four children and my husband. Someday I dream of downsizing to something we can barely fit in that will burst at every seam with laughter and joy.

My favorite color is green, but I’m not sure I own any green clothes. My favorite smell is vanilla, but I don’t wear vanilla perfume. My least favorite bug is the cockroach, yet I keep moving back to places where they thrive. In short–I am a woman of contradiction.

You can learn more about me and my opinions at The Great and Random Ramblings of Cannwin.

Charity’s Crafts:

*You can learn more about Charity in her interview*

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