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My name is Celeste of Celestial’s Creations.  I just came across this poem I wrote about myself for school four years ago and decided to cheat and use it for my bio.  I’ve updated it to add in a few kids and some more gray hairs, but the rest is as true today as it was then.

I Am Me

I am ponytail, brown hair (except the ones that are gray)

I am teacher clothes that dream of being a hoodie and flip flops

I am paper, glue, pencils, ink, ribbon, yarn, fabric, cutters, stickers…

I am a Mary Poppins backpack full of books, paper, extra pens, lamps

I am Lance, Silas, Chloe

                    Mom, Dad, Colby, Emily, Heidi, Kylie


I am Logan, Salt Lake, Ephraim, France, Switzerland, Ogden, Clearfield

I am

            feeding the fish

            avoiding the dishes

            obsessively organizing

            constantly crafting

            passively perceptive

I am popsicles, daffodils, early evening walks

I am learning, reading, thinking, planning, writing

I am preparing, analyzing, improving, trying


I am curled up in the fetal position

to take a nap

Or cringing,

knowing that someone might read this poem.


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