Rapunzel Pumpkin Tower Tutorial

Each and every week I look forward to opening my email and checking out our contestants amazing projects – they are all so creative!

Lynda, from Oh So Shabby, has really outdone herself every single week. I’ve no doubt its why she’s done so well in the competition. Lynda’s Pumpkin Challenge win is her third win of the season and I am excited to share her Rapunzel Pumpkin Tower tutorial with you today!

Oh So Shabby QuoteLynda’s first win came in the Back-to-School Challenge with her kids back-to-school station in the first week of the competition.

Kids Back to School Station via Oh So ShabbyHer second win came during our Birthday Challenge. If you missed her awesome first birthday highchair tutorial, be sure to check it out.

First Birthday Highchair


Rapunzel Pumpkin Tower Tutorial

I am still in shock that I took the first place in this round!  I was afraid I wouldn’t even make it through.  Sometimes I feel like my projects are too wacky for people to relate to.  Thank you so much to everyone that voted!!

I had soooo much fun with this Rapunzel Pumpkin Tower!!

Rapunzel Pumpkin Tower Tutorial #Halloween #PumpkinI initially wanted to do a Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin. I was hoping when I went on Pinterest I wouldn’t find much however, the Cinderella Pumpkin was sooooooooooooo overdone… So I decided to go with Rapunzel and lo and behold – ZERO Pinterest projects. Yeah I had a winner!

Rapunzel PumpkinSo, where to start… The roof. I thought I had a great idea to hot glue pumpkin seeds on to this old tin man hat I bought for my hubby a few years ago that he refused to wear. Great idea right like a shingle roof??? Yeah, well 3 hours later, 348 hot glued pumpkin seeds using 15 glue sticks she was finally done!

After the roof was done I cut out the windows on the pumpkin and sprayed the whole thing with silver metallic spray paint.

Rapunzel PumpkinThe shutters are actually really thin Balsa Wood that I got from Hobby Lobby.

rapunzel Pumpkin TowerI cut it into “shutter shapes” then stained them.  It was actually very easy.

Rapunzel Pumpkin To make the log I found look like a “tower” I drew bricks on it with a pencil.

Rapunzel Pumpkin Tutorial Then I added some vines and flowers…..

Rapunzel Pumpkin TutorialLast I added a part of a Christmas Ornament to the top of the roof.

Rapunzel Pumpkin Tower TutorialUnfortunately, two days after the project was done the pumpkin was full of mold!!  If you decide to make a Rapunzel Pumpkin Tower, make sure you use a styrofoam pumpkin you can pick up at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

DIY Halloween Candy Dispenser Tutorial

Wow. Thank you for voting in our weekly challenges. Each week I am dying to learn which project you will select to be showcased on the site. The results continue to be spectacular. I am so proud of the contestants.

Today Areian, from One Krieger Chick, is sharing her winning DIY Halloween candy dispenser tutorial. This is Ariean’s second feature.

One Krieger Chick QuoteA strong contender in this season’s competition, Ariean won our upcycle challenge earlier this season with her amazing bathtub to sofa project.

Bathtub to Sofa TutorialIf you missed it, be sure to head over and check it out. It’s one of my favorite SYTYC contestant projects yet.

And now, on with the fun…

DIY Halloween Candy Dispenser

Hello So You Think You’re Crafty Readers! I am so excited to share how I created Halloween Candy Dispensers for the Fall Crafts For Kids Challenge.

DIY Halloween candy dispenserSupplies: 

  • Postal mailing tubes
  • Round ball ornaments
  • Embellishments: festive scrapbook paper, washi tape, ribbon, etc.
  • Adhesives: glue gun and a liquid adhesive or glue stick
  • A good child-size helper
  • A little patience

Let’s get started…

First, decide what topper you would like to create…a pumpkin, ghost, Frankenstein, bat, witch, etc. My son chose a witch, bat and jack-o-lantern. I prepped all supplies and had them ready to go when my son and I started crafting…There is a bit of drying time if you create these exactly the way I did. I’ll share a few shortcuts to save you some of these extra steps!

Prep work

  • I cut the mailing tube(s) to a desired length using a serrated knife {because it was handy.}
  • I recommend purchasing/using colored Ball ornaments in the colors you desire, but I could not find the correct colors or sizes. If you have the same problem or want to use what you already have on hand, paint Christmas ornaments with a coat of spray primer followed with a coat or two of your color of choice. (I used spray paint for the witch and black and orange acrylic paint from Poppy Seed Projects for the bat and jack-o-lantern.)
  • You could have all the paper cut and embellishments ready too. I find it helpful so my boys don’t burn out on the project too quickly.


  • Measure and cut the paper to fit all the way around the mailing tube.
  • Embellish as desired. My boys love washi tape and this project was no exception!
  • Cut the paper below the ornament in a fringe and adhere to the inside of the tube using a glue gun.

Candy dispensers {2}

Halloween Candy Dispensers {3}Once that was dry, it was time to add personality! This is what we did, but the fun of this project is that you can personalize these however you like!

Witch: Paper stars for eyes, hole punched dot for wart, folded piece of paper for nose, paper smile for mouth. Hat is a piece of paper rolled to resemble a hat with an orange pom-pom glued to the top.
Halloween Candy Dispenser {4}Bat: Eyes cut from white cardstock with a hole punched circle. glitter paint squiggle for a mouth, wings cut from black cardstock and hot glued in place.
Halloween Candy Dispenser {5}Jack-o-lantern: Facial shapes cut from black cardstock, stem a cone twisted out of black cardstock and hot glued in place with a piece of ribbon as the vine.
Halloween Candy Dispenser {6}Fill with candy for an extra special treat!DIY Halloween candy dispenserMake them to keep at home or to share with friends. Either way, they are so stinkin’ cute…and FUN to make!

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

Thanks to those of you who voted in our last challenge. We continue to have record numbers voting in our weekly challenges and I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have our competitors projects seen by so many…

For those of you who are visiting from Pinterest today, welcome. SYTYC is a craft and DIY competition. Each Monday we feature themed projects created by our competitors. Please help us out and cast your vote…

The winner of our scraps challenge is Crystal.

Crystal Quote
Crystal’s on something of a roll having picked up our In the Kitchen Challenge with her chalkboard serving tray

Chalkboard Serving Tray Tutorial

And then picked up our Fall Challenge with her reversible fall pillow

Reversible Pillow Case

Today Crystal is sharing her rainbow baby quilt tutorial.

Scrap Rainbow Baby Quilt

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

I am so excited I get the opportunity to share another tutorial with you! Thank you so much for voting for my scrappy quilt!

I really enjoy quilting. I made my first quilt when I was 17, it was a king size quilt for my bed at college, not something I would recommend for your first quilt! These days I mostly stick to baby quilts.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

This quilt would be a great project for a beginner, it is easy to make and the end result is stunning. I know some people are a bit intimidated by the idea of making a quilt, but trust me, if you can sew a straight line, you can make this quilt!

Scrap Baby Quilt

For the front of the quilt and the chevron on the back you will need some 5” x 5” squares. The easiest way to cut squares of fabric is with a rotary cutter, a self healing mat, and a quilting square. The number of squares of each color you will need is listed below:

White: 56

Red: 5

Orange: 9

Yellow: 14

Green: 14

Blue: 9

Purple: 5

You will also need two rectangle for the back, one that is 35” x 7” and one that is 35” x 26”, and a piece of quilt batting about 36” x 40”.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

Once you have all your squares cut, draw a diagonal line across all of your white squares.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

Lay one white square on top of a color square with right sides together. Sew on both sides of the line you drew, ¼” from the line. Repeat with all your squares.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

Cut along the line between the 2 seams so you end up with 2 squares.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

Press the seam away from the white side. Repeat with all the squares.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

Next you will sew the squares into 10 rows of 9 squares. To sew the squares together, place 2 squares right sides together with the color side of one square lined up with the white side of the other. Sew along the side; continue adding squares until all nine are sewn in a row. Press the seams open. Refer to the drawing below for the color order of each row.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

Once you have all the squares sewn into rows, sew the rows together. Press the seams to one side.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

Take the remaining squares and line them up to create the chevron pattern using three squares of each color. Sew them into two rows like the ones shown in the drawing below. Then sew the two rows together. Sew your large rectangles for the back on either side of the chevron.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

Next you will sandwich the batting between the 2 quilt layers. I like to use a basting spray to hold everything in place while I quilt. You can find basting sprays in the quilting section of any fabric store.

Lay your quilt top out face down on the floor. Spray the back of it with a basting spray. Spread the quilt batting over the quilt top. Spray more quilt basting spray on the batting then spread the quilt back face up over the batting.

Quilt all three layers together by sewing straight lines along the vertical and diagonal seams of the quilt. I find that a walking foot is really helpful for this step, it helps move all the fabric under your sewing machine foot.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

After you finish quilting, bind the edges of the quilt. I used a double fold binding that is machine sewn to the front and hand stitched to the back. You can find more tips on quilt binding on my blog HERE.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Tutorial

Reversible Fall Leaves Pillowcase Tutorial

I am seriously blown away by the talent this season. Every week there are several tutorials that I am interested in seeing and I’d have a hard time selecting my favorite…It makes it kind of nice to know that you get to pick more than one “favorite” up until nearly the end.

Fall Decor Challenge

This week, I am excited to share Crystal’s fantastic reversible fall leaves pillowcase tutorial.

Crystal QuoteCrystal’s projects have always ranked high, but you’ll probably remember her for week one win and chalkboard serving tray tutorial.

Chalkboard Serving Tray Tutorial

In any event, she’s back with another great tutorial for her week four win!

Reversible Fall Leaves Pillowcase Tutorial

I am so excited to be here sharing the tutorial for my reversible fall leaves pillow with you! I have to admit, I was a bit shocked when I opened the email from Tauni informing me I had won. Every project in the fall décor line up was so great, I feel really honored you chose mine!

Reversible Pillow Case Tutorial

I have seen reversible pillows before, but they always have one design on the front and one on the back. I wanted this reversible pillow to have the second design hiding on the inside. That way if the pillow falls off my couch or somehow gets flipped over, I don’t end up with a Christmas pillow in September.

Reversible Pillow Case Tutorial

This same concept could be used to create a pillow for any holiday. Or you could even just pick two different fabrics. Then when you get tired of one look, flip to the other.

Reversible Pillow Case Tutorial

To make this pillow, I used an off white home décor fabric and some craft felt to make the leaves and holly. You can choose any fabric for the front; I recommend something with a bit of weight so it holds up better. The envelope closure on the back is the same for both sides so if you choose two different fabrics for the front, make sure you choose something that coordinates with both for the back. The fabric for the back also needs to be one without a right or wrong side, meaning both sides of the fabrics look the same. Solid home décor fabrics are a good choice for the back.

Reversible Pillow Case Tutorial

The first step is to determine the size your case needs to be. I had a pillow from Ikea for my insert, the tag says 20” x 20” but when I measured from seam to seam it was really more like 19”. So I ended up making my case for a 19” x 19” pillow.

Cut 2 squares of fabric that are 1” bigger than your pillow and 2 rectangles for the back that are 1” bigger than the pillow in length and half that plus 3” in width. For a 19” x 19” pillow I used two 20” squares and two rectangles that are 20” x 13”

Reversible Pillow Case Tutorial

Cut your leaves from felt. I first sketched a leaf on paper to use as a template when cutting. My leaves are about 1.5” wide and 2.5” long. To cut the holly berries, I traced a nickel on a piece of paper you use as a template. Pin your leaves in three rows on one of the pillow fronts, and then sew them on with a contrasting thread.

Reversible Pillow Case Tutorial

Repeat with the holly leaves on the other pillow front.

Reversible Pillow Case Tutorial

Finish one long edge of the rectangle by folding the edge over ¼” and then another 1” and topstitching along the folded edge.

Reversible Pillow Case Tutorial

Lay your fall leaves front face up and place one of the rectangles on top with the folded edge up. Line up the three unfinished sides with the edge of the pillow front. Lay the other rectangle on the other side with the folded side down. Line up the raw edges with the edge of the pillow front, the finished edges of the rectangles will overlap in the middle. Pin around the edges and baste stitch all the way around the pillow ½” from the edge.

Reversible Pillow Case Tutorial

Lay the Christmas side of the pillow case face down on top of the pillow backs. You should have the fall leaves on the bottom, the Christmas leaves on top, and the back pieces sandwiched in the middle. Pin around the edges and sew with ½” seam allowance leaving a 3” opening. Make sure the opening is not right where the leaves are. Clip the corners close to the seam to reduce the bulk. Turn the pillow through the hole you left open. Fold the raw edge in and hand stitch the opening closed.

Reversible Pillow Case Tutorial

Your pillow is done! You should have fall leaves on one side and holly leaves on the other. Thanks again for voting for my fall leaves pillow!

Reversible Pillow Case Tutorial

Thanks for sharing your awesome project Crystal! 

P.S. If you’ve got a little boy, you can’t miss Crystal’s shark trick-or-treat bag. My boys think it’s “totally cool.”

Halloween Spider Wreath

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but honestly it makes me a bit schizophrenic. While a part of me appreciates the beauty of the season and creates a burning desire for classy fall decor, the other part of my dives right on in to Halloween!

I think this may be a Utah thing. I once read that we Utahns tend to spend more on Halloween than nearly any other state. Now THAT, is a topic we could dive into for some seriously psychoanalysis…

I don’t know, does anyone else have the same struggle?

I had really planned on showcasing a fun fall decor craft today, but the dark side won out. I blame it on the cute girls over at My Sister’s Suitcase.

Spray painted wreath via My Sister's Suitcase

I was surfing Pinterest and came across Holly’s black Halloween wreath. I loved how it turned out.

Since I have a little twig wreath spray paint experience of my own

DIY-White-Winter-Wreath-via-SNAP..jpgI was suddenly itching to spray another one…And, well, I am sharing a dark Halloween spider wreath tutorial with you today.

Maybe I will share that fall decor craft in November, when I am ready to put the Halloween away???

Halloween Spider Wreath Tutorial

Easy Halloween Wreath via SYTYC.comI am really excited by how this wreath turned out, especially because it was so darn inexpensive and easy to make.

Halloween Spider Wreath

Square Twig Wreath – I found mine for $3
Black Spray Paint
Black Hydrangeas
Black Glitter Spiders
Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding, Gold
Heidi Swapp – Color Shine Iridescent Spritz, Gold Lame
Black Grosgrain Ribbon
American Crafts Glitter Tape, Brown Sugar, 5/8-Inch
Classic Calico 3 Laser-Cut Wood Veneer Shapes-Banners 23/Pkg
Alphabet Stickers or paint

The first thing I did was work on the base of the wreath.

Halloween Spider WreathI used a partial can of black spray paint I already had on hand…It really didn’t take that much to cover the wreath. I was done with both coats in about 30 minutes.

Halloween Spider WreathYou can see it actually covered the wreath pretty well.

I wanted to use the hydrangeas on the wreath form, but the black on black didn’t really stand out. No worries…It gave me the opportunity to use a product I’ve been dying to try Heidi Swapp – Color Shine Iridescent Spritz, Gold Lame.

Halloween Wreath Heidi Swapp Color ShineI love the sparkle in Heidi’s sprays and I’ve been waiting to use them on something…

Halloween Wreath Flowers Using Heidi Swapp Color ShineI popped the flowers off the stem and then sprayed them with the gold spray. I didn’t cover every little bit, so the contrast between the black flowers and gold spray really makes the petals stand out. I love it!

I had found these glitter spiders a few weeks ago for three bucks. I am sucker for anything with glitter and so I snatched them up. I am so glad I did.

Halloween Wreath SpiderAgain, I wanted them to pop off the black twig wreath. I also wanted them to tie in with the flowers and decided to add a little gold. I dipped each of the spider’s legs into a little pot of Martha Stewart’s gold leafing paint.

Halloween Spider WreathIt provided just the touch I was looking for.

Up next was assembly.

Halloween Spider WreathI glued the hydrangeas down on one corner of the wreath and then added the spiders.

Once I was done, I decided it needed a little something else. I spray painted some mini flags black and added some alpha stickers to spell out Happy Halloween. I placed the letters on some gold glitter tape with glue.

I secured everything on the wreath with a little hot glue. I think the whole project took me about two hours – most of it dry time for the paints!

Halloween Spider Wreath

First Birthday High Chair Tutorial

I owe each and every one of you a SUPER HUGE THANK YOU for pinning the simple cupcake to go container I shared last week. I had no idea this little solution would be SO very popular!

SYTYC Birthday Challenge

It’s time to share the tutorial for the project that won last week’s birthday challenge, Lynda’s awesome first birthday high chair.

First Birthday Highchair

This is Lynda’s second win. She also won our audition round with her kid’s back-to-school station.

Kids Back to School Station via Oh So Shabby

First Birthday Highchair

So honored to have earned the first place spot for the birthday round. Thank you so much for all of you that voted. It was a really fun week for me.

For those of you that don’t know me well, I was a creative misfit for 99% of my life. About three years ago I was fortunate enough to tap into the creative side of my brain and I have been creating ever since. It is truly my passion.

One thing that makes me sad is that my grandmother who lived till she was 94 years old was an avid crafter and I never REALLY knew this until she passed away. I inherited a lot of her crafting supplies and it made me wish that I hadn’t found my own creative side earlier. I imagine crafting with her while she was alive and the even stronger bond we could have made. I have a few of her crafts that sit by my crafting table, so I feel she is still with me. This project was created in the spirit of grandma.

The one big thing I inherited from her was this 70-year-old high chair. My dad actually sat in this high chair as a baby.

Upcycled High Chair

So I decided to make it pretty.

One of my friends just had a baby girl and I thought, how cute would this high chair be as a prop for first birthday pictures?! I knew I wanted it to be for a little girl since I have three girls, so all I needed was to decide which color to use. My current color obsession is aqua and I love the way hot pink looks with aqua, so…

I love Krylon’s Blue Ocean Breeze spray paint so I went to Home Depot and had them color match the cap of the spray paint in a can of sample-sized Behr. (When I am doing a small project like this I like to use a small color sample so I don’t waste a lot of paint and of course it is much cheaper!)

I added Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder to the Behr sample to make it chalk paint. Since I turned the paint into chalk paint I didn’t have to prime the chair first which is nice.

Chalk Paint

After the chair was painted, I added hot pink polka dots. I intended to paint them on but ran out of time so I cut one inch circles out with my Silhouette Cameo and used double sided tape to stick them on.  Eventually I will paint them on.

To finish off the paint job I measured 4 and ½ inches from the bottom of the feet and painted them a hot pink color using glossy acrylic paint.  I blended a few of the pink colors together to get the pink I was looking for.

The next step was the tutu. I bought some fabrics in coordinating colors. Hot pink and aqua were a given but when I design things, I always pick one more color to “splash” in so this time I chose yellow. (Ignore the buttons in the picture, I never used them.)

First Birthday High Chair Prop

I tore strips of fabric about one inch wide by the length of the fabric (I bought one yard of fabric for each fabric choice).  If you cut the beginning of the fabric you can then tear the entire strip. In my opinion it looks better more frayed than a straight cut.  I then tied the fabric strip to the ribbon I used for the tutu “belt.”

First birthday high chair prop tutorial

I did the same thing with the tulle but cut the pieces about 18 inches wide and about 42 inches long. Once the entire tutu was done I cut it to the length I wanted, then I nailed the tutu to the wood tray.

First birthday high chair prop tutorial

I also made the 1st B-Day Princess Flag Bunting in the pictures – I cut out the triangles from some cute scrapbook paper, then made some letters with my silhouette cameo and glued them on to the paper, then punched some holes in each side of the triangle paper and ran a ribbon through it.

First Birthday Bunting

That is it!!  It was a really fun project and I sure hope that my grandma is smiling down and not totally pissed that I painted her highchair!

First birthday high chair prop tutorial

Oh So Shabby QuoteWhat a great piece for a first birthday party!

Got a minute? Pop over to Lynda’s site and check out her little girl’s bedroom makeover. It’s to die for!!!

Cupcake To Go Container

Cupcake to go Containers

I didn’t “grow up” with my boys. I sort of figure I just lucked into the “ready made” variety…

(Just in case your wondering, in my world they pop in at about two years +)

Here’s the thing. Since I came into kids in a bit of a different way, early on people were always trying to give me advice. I got A LOT of advice and yet, there are some very important things that no one told me…

I was not warned to look out for those nasty stray Legos left on the floor. There is nothing in this world and I mean NOTHING that hurts more than stepping on a Lego with bare feet.

I definitely wasn’t advised of the importance in checking for fruit snacks stuck to the back of your seat in the car before suggesting to friends that you drive.

No one told me how much more I would love their Dad after watching him play with them for hours, or even minutes.

Kids break things. ‘Nough said.

You will throw away many, many things that will make you feel guilty. If you don’t? Well, you will have an avalanche of paper somewhere.

Stuff will be sticky and by stuff, I mean everything.

And I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER thought I would find crumbs in so many places…Crumbs on the counter, crumbs in the couch cushions, crumbs in pants pockets…It never ends.

And so, for a while, I quit making cupcakes. I know?!

However, I have found the perfect solution to messy cupcakes. Cupcake to go containers.

Cupcake To Go Containers

cupcake to go containers - perfect for keeping crumbs in checkHere’s what you will need to create your to go containers:

  • clear plastic cups
  • cute cupcake wrappers or baking cups
  • paper straws
  • cellophane bags
  • baker’s twine or curly ribbon

The beauty of these little containers is that they are so simple to assemble and look so pretty.

The addition of the straw stabilizes the entire assembly, so that even if your to-go container tips a bit the cupcake frosting will not get mashed all over.

They’re great for party thank you’s, classroom treats, or let the kids use a fork to eat out of the container.

Cupcake to go container

Cupcake to go Containers

What are your kid containing secrets???

Bathtub to Sofa Tutorial

Guys, I don’t have an eye for good junk. It stinks.

I love seeing the fun finds some of my friends like Mandi, KariAnne and Brooke seem to come up with on their trips out. You better believe after seeing Ariean’s bathtub to sofa project, I will be stalking her finds as well!

In the meantime, she’s here with her bathtub to sofa tutorial…

one kreiger chick quote


Sofa to Bathtub Tutorial

Hello, SYTYC Readers! Still in shock I won the UpCycle challenge, but so excited to share how I created a fun Outdoor Sofa from an old Cast Iron Bathtub! Are you ready?!

Bathtub to Sofa TutorialHere’s what I started with…An old Cast Iron Bathtub with peeling paint, but in very good condition! No rust, beautiful porcelain interior and all four original claw feet.

Cast Iron Bathtub turned Outdoor Sofa BEFORE {2}

How did I do it? Honestly, not alone. Cast Iron Bathtubs are VERY heavy and the porcelain can chip easily. I was lucky to have the assistance of my husband on this one!

Cast Iron Bathtub to Outdoor Sofa{3}1 & 2. : Measure and mark where you would like the cut out for the sofa. We found it was best to keep the lines straight to make the cutting step easier.

3: Using a Quickie Saw, cut along the lines. Make sure to wear safety glasses and pants. The tiny shards of bathtub are very sharp! My husband cut the majority of this while I kept our little boys away. During the last cut, I held the cut piece to ensure it did not fall down on the inside of the bathtub and chip the porcelain.

4: Smooth the edges using an angle grinder. This creates a nice smooth edge and makes it safe for use.

5: All done! Ready to prep for paint!

Prepping a Cast Iron Bathtub for Paint {4}

1 & 3: Using a hand held scraper, I scraped as much of the old paint as I could. Yes, I wore a mask! Just not in this picture. You also want to find as many little helpers as you can find. In my case, three.

2: After scraping as much as I could, I used Laquer Thinner to remove even more paint. Clearly, all the paint did not come off, but that’s okay! I love the old, already loved look. If this bothers you, you can continue with the paint removal step until all paint is removed.

4: I used Press and Seal (similar to Saran Wrap) to seal down the bottom edge of the tub. It covered the area perfectly and stayed in place during the paint step.

5. I removed the drain. This can be left in place, too.

Yay! We’re getting closer…Time to paint!

Bathtub to Sofa Tutorial

1: First, I sprayed the tub with two coats of spray paint primer.

2: I cleaned the claw feet and sprayed them with primer as well.

3: The feet received a few coats of ivory spray paint.

4: I painted the exterior of the tub with Valspar Ultra Paint + Primer in River Mist (exterior paint in a satin finish.) This only took one coat, but brands of paint may vary. I had this paint left over from our Poolhouse and it just happened to match my fabric perfectly!

Bathtub is finished…Woo-hoo! Now to make it pretty…and comfortable!

To make a comfy place to kick back and relax, I started with a trip to Joann’s to purchase foam and fabric…I did not plan this excursion well, because I went on Labor Day with three small boys. There was light at the end of the trip, though…Lucky for me, the foam and outdoor fabric was on sale 50% off that day! I had NO IDEA foam was so expensive, so make sure to plan that into the cost of re-purposing a bathtub if you ever choose to.

Bathtub to Sofa Tutorial Measure the interior width and length of the bathtub and add a couple inches to the length. It can always be trimmed back later. I wish I would have left mine a little longer so the cushion would have a tighter fit at each end.

Wrap cushion in quilt batting and cover with outdoor fabric. I could have made a slipcover for this, but chose not to. Why? Because I live in a house of boys. We live in the country. There is a lot of dirt. Those three combined means I will be washing this a lot. So, I simply serged around the edges of the fabric (not shown), sprayed it with a couple coats of scotch guard and tucked it around the edges of the foam.
For the pillows, I created simple covers for some extra pillows I had around the house. I measured the existing pillow and added seam allowance, then stitched them up.

For the backing, I used an old slipcover from my sofa in a cream twill. This way, if the color is too bold, I can tone it down with a more neutral look. I may even stencil on a couple of them!
Whew! That was a lot, but all that hard work turned into a beautiful, comfortable and unique piece of furniture for my back patio. Now if I can just get my kids off of it long enough to enjoy it myself!

Cast Iron Bathtub turned Outdoor Sofa AFTER {8}Thank you all so very much for your votes and giving me the chance to share this tutorial! Have a Happy Week!

Bathtub to Sofa {3}

 What a great tutorial Ariean! To see more of Ariean’s great projects visit her site, One Krieger Chick.