Homemade Paint Recipes

We’re having a ball celebrating paint week. Our crafty competitors have created some amazing paint projects and the race is on to see who will be the winner on Thursday!

In the meantime, we’re sharing a great round up of homemade paint recipes you can try out at home!

Hanging on to this great list of homemade paint recipes. The recipes included in this list are non-toxic and many are edible!

Homemade Paint Recipes

DIY foam paint recipe. This homemade paint recipe is perfect for at home play.DIY Foam Paint

Non-toxic homemade water color paints. Homemade Watercolor Paints

This Skittles paint recipe is great for toddlers and little kids. Yay for non-toxic alternatives.

Skittles Paint Recipe

Homemade Starburst finger paint for kids. This paint recipe is great, because it's completely non-toxic. Starburst Finger Paint

Scented finger paint recipe. Great non-toxic paint recipe that's safe for toddlers.Scented Finger Paints

Rainbow Flour Paint Recipe (1)Rainbow Flour Paint

homemade chalk paint recipe. Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe

Homemade glow in the dark chalk paint. Perfect paint recipe for use outside with kids. Glow in the Dark Chalk Paint 

Homemade bath paint. This non-toxic make at home paint recipe is perfect for little kids. Bath Time Paint Recipe

Homemade Face Paint. Homemade Face Paint 

Peg Doll Family Tutorial

Virginia captured your hearts this last week, with her awesome peg doll family. I have to admit, this is one of my all time favorite Kids Can Do projects.

I think what I love most about the peg doll family is that it’s a craft simple enough for little hands to complete, but sophisticated enough to be considered home decor.

I love this peg doll family. Simple enough for little hands, sophisticated enough to serve as home decor.

You can preview the full tutorial today at Fynes Designs.

10 Kid Crafts for Fall

It’s a fun week around these parts – we’re celebrating kids crafting. What better way to celebrate than with 10 kid friendly crafts for fall?

10 kids crafts for fall. There are some really great crafts shared in this post.

Each one of these crafts has been selected for it’s simple assembly and sophisticated look. Perfect for display in your home this fall!

10 Kids Crafts for Fall

Simple fall leaf garland. Have kids cut leaves out of cardstock and thread them with yarn. Easy Fall Garland via A Beautiful Mess

This tree button art is great for kids and would look good on display in the house. There are lots of great ideas in this post. Tree Button Artwork via Simply Designing

These monster apple bites are the perfect crafty kids treat for fall. Apple Bites via Forks and Beans

Simple paper pumpkin craft. These are so easy to make!Simple Paper Pumpkin via Snap

Pine cone owl. These would be so cute to make with the kids!Pinecone Owl via Broogly

Fall glitter leaves. Easy enough for kids to make + perfect for fall decorating. Glitter Leaf Garland via House of Jade Interiors

Cinnamon salt dough leaves. Such a fun kids craft and it smells great too!
Cinnamon Salt Dough Leaves via The Imagination Tree

Popsicle stick and yard spider webs. Popsicle Stick Yarn Spider Webs via Buggy and Buddy

Twig Heart. Such a cute outdoor decoration. Painted Twig Heart via Daily Heart

Lego stamped Indian corn. Now this is a craft that kids could get into. Lego Stamped Indian Corn via Crafty Morning

DIY Mixed Media Bracelet

What a fun week! While you showed some serious love to ALL of our Season 18 crafters, you selected My Craftily Ever After’s awesome DIY mixed media bracelet as the winner of our Stash Buster week.

So You Think You're Crafty Stash Bust Season 18, Week 1

Ashley is sharing her awesome tutorial for this fun mixed media bracelet today. Make sure you go check it out!

Mixed Media Bracelet. This awesome bracelet was made with random extras and pieces of older, broken jewelry. So pretty!DIY Mixed Media Bracelet via My Craftily Ever After

12 Ways to Decorate with Scrapbook Paper

This week our SYTYC contestants are participating in a STASH BUST challenge. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my stash fabric and paper rule the roost.

In an effort provide myself with a little motivational magic, I am sharing 12 ways to decorate with scrapbook paper. 

12 Ways to Decorate with Scrapbook Paper. There are some amazing ideas here!

Decorating with Scrapbook Paper

Paper chandelier made with circles punched out of scrapbook paper, ribbon and wire frame. Paper Chandelier via Tatertots and Jello

Scrapbook paper skyline wall art tutorial Paper Skyline Wall Art via Ten June 

Tile Coaster TutorialTile Coasters via The Cottage Mama

Butterfly wall art made out of scrapbook paper butterfliesButterfly Wall Art via SYTYC

Scrapbook paper lined storage drawers, plus more than a dozen other ways to decorate with scrapbook paperScrapbook Paper Lined Storage via Kindercraze

Scrapbook paper decor - stairs and wallsDecoupage Stairs and Walls via Decor8

DIY Patchwork ScreenDecoupage Screen via A Thing for Roses

Decoupage flower hangers, plus more than a dozen other ways to decorate with scrapbook paperDecoupage Hangers via Craft and Creativity

Easy DIY paper flowers, plus more than a dozen more great ways to decorate with scrapbook paperEasy Paper Flowers 

Scrap paper tree, plus more than a dozen ways to decorate with scrapbook paperScrap Paper Tree via Everyday Mom Ideas

Alphabet wall, plus more than a dozen other ways to decorate with scrapbook paperAlphabet Art via Jenni Bowlin Studio

Decoupage paper desk, plus more than a dozen other ways to decorate with scrapbook paperDecoupage Desk via Girl in the Garage

Looking for more ways to decorate with scrapbook paper? Here are 25 MORE ways to decorate with scrapbook paper. 

DIY Paper Bow

It’s not the gift, but the thought that counts. Right?

It’s cliche, but I tend to think that the answer is yes. Some of the things that mean the most to me are gifts given from the heart.

It’s probably because I enjoy RECEIVING those thoughtful gifts so much, that I also like to GIVE and PACKAGE them too.

One way to really personalize a package is with special handmade wrap. Today I am going to share a super-easy tutorial for creating a DIY paper bow. You can use any paper to make these bows, so really the possibilities for customization are completely endless…

DIY Paper Bow Tutorial 1

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:

  • 12×12 patterned scrapbook paper any weight (I used heavy weight, double-sided paper from Studio Calico)
  • paper trimmer
  • brads
  • mini hole punch
  • adhesive or double sided tape (optional)

DIY Paper Bow Supplies

Start this project by trimming the 12×12 scrapbook paper into 3/4 inch strips.

DIY Paper Bow

You should end up with 15-16 different strips (depending on how carefully you trim).

DIY Paper Bow 2

Next, trim about four of strips of paper to 11 inches, four strips of paper to 10 inches and one strip of paper to five inches.

DIY Paper Bow 3

Crease all but the five inch strip in the middle to mark your center point.

DIY Paper Bow 4

With your mini punch, or a substitute (I have even used a tack), punch a hole through all but the five inch paper strip in the middle at the crease at toward each end. Each papers trip should have three holes.

DIY Paper Bow 5

Slip a brad through the center of one of the longest strips of paper. An alternate would be to use tape, but I don’t find that it works as well for me.

DIY Paper Bow 6

Twist the end of the paper to the brad and secure. You should see the same side of the paper facing up in both the middle and on the end.

DIY Paper Bow 7

Repeat on the other end.

DIY Paper Bow 8

Allow your loops to be fairly loose, if they are to tight the bow just wont work.

Repeat, layering the paper loops on the brad.

I find that every time I create a bow, I use a different number of paper strips. I just sort of play with it until it looks right. In the case of this bow, I only ended up using three of the 12 inch paper strips before moving on.

DIY Paper Bow 9

Don’t worry about perfection. As you can see in the photo above I even had a tiny tear in this bow, but it will not show in the end…

Layer until you feel the bow has just the right amount of fluffy.

DIY Paper Bow 11

Once you have filled the bow with loops, take your five inch paper strip and loop it into a circle. Push it through the brad and then secure the brad flat.

DIY Paper Bow 10That’s it. It’s ready to go!

DIY paper Bow tutorial 3


Upcycled Kids Art Station

Each season, we have at least one contestant that consistently produces great work, places in the top three each week and wins a number of challenged along the way. This season Crystal, from Stitched by Crystal, definitely earned that spot.

Stitched by Crystal Quote


Today, Crystal is sharing a tutorial for the project she entered in our final round – an upcycled kids art station.

Upcycled Kids Art Station

I want to say a huge thanks to Tauni for hosting SYTYC! It has been so fun competing in this season and congratulations to Lynda on her big win!

This little art station was so fun to make!  It took me a pretty solid 2 weeks to finish it with all the painting and painting and painting, but it was worth all the effort.  My kids have really been enjoying it and it is so fun to watch them create!

Upcycled Art Station Tutorial Upcycled Art Station Tutorial - 5

To make this art station I used an old end table that I have had for years but don’t use anymore, a large frame I picked up at the thrift store, and some chairs I bought on craigslist.

Upcycled Art Station Tutorial

I tried to pick a fun kid friendly color palate, but wanted colors with a bit of a vintage feel to them.  All these colors came from Lowes.  They turned out just like I pictured them in my head and I think they look perfect with the green walls in my dining room!

Upcycled Art Station Tutorial

My favorite part of the whole project is the desk!  It was too low for the chair I found so I made it some new legs.  The old legs were used as a template to taper the new legs so they looked a bit fancier.  Then some more scrap wood was used to add the drawing paper to the side.  The table ended up being the perfect width for my 18” roll of paper so the wood just got bolted on the sides.  There is a hole drilled part way through the front piece and all the way through the back piece so a large wooden dowel can be inserted to hold the paper.

Upcycled Art Station Tutorial

After the wood working was done, the table got a few coats of paint.  Then the top was taped off for the chalkboard paint to be added.  Finally I added some new hardware for the drawer and a little handle to the side to hold the chalk.

Upcycled Art Station Tutorial

I cut some peg board t fit the frame and painted both the frame and the board.  Painted peg board is a bit of a pain to paint, all those little holes plug up with paint.  After paint I used a screwdriver to clear the paint out of any plugged holes.  I bought some assorted peg board hooks at the hardware store and played around with hanging everything until I got a layout I liked. 

Upcycled Art Station Tutorial

The spice rack at the top is from IKEA, it got screwed on through the peg board holes.  I used some old baby food jars and screwed the lids to the bottom, I learned the hard way that you really need you used 2 screws for that!  To hang the sketch pad I strung a rope through the holes and tied it at the back, the pad can be hung over the rope and easily taken down for drawing.  I also used some old tin cans for markers and pencils.  I cut paper to fit the outside and stuck it on the cans with Mod Podge.  Then I drilled a hole near the top of the can and they hang on hooks.

Upcycled Art Station Tutorial

Upcycled Art Station Tutorial

I cut a piece of wood to about the same length as the frame.  Added some hooks and hung the board from the bottom of the frame.  The hooks hold some buckets I picked up for $1 at Target to keep crayons,play-doh, and stamps.

Upcycled Art Station Tutorial

I wanted to create a little art gallery for my kids work so I painted three clip boards yellow.  Then I taped off the clips and spray painted them black.  I used some Command Strip picture hangers to hang them on the wall.

Upcycled Art Station Tutorial

Finally, I sanded, primed, and painted the chairs and my little art station was done!

Upcycled Art Station Tutorial - 11What a great project! Thanks Crystal!

Upcycled Girl’s Vanity

Were you as excited about this season’s amazing projects as I was? Seriously. The competition was stiff!

Lynda Oh So ShabbyToday Lynda, from Oh So Shabby, is here to share her final project. This upcycled girl’s vanity is the project that won the competition for her!

Upcycled Girl’s Vanity Tutorial

Super excited and a bit shocked that I made it all the way to the end!  There were so many great crafters I was honored to have competed with all of them and glad to have made some new friends along the way!

If you have been following along this season, you’ve probably noticed that most of my projects were some sort of furniture repurpose. It’s my true passion!! I have dabbled in many creative projects, but working with furniture is what makes my heart go pitter patter. The feeling of accomplishment when I see the before and after is like no other.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this little gem on Craig’s List for $25. This cute little old couple was moving and I almost felt bad only paying $25.

Here she is before….

Upcycled Girls VanityAnd, here she is after….

Upcycled Girls VanityThis last project wasn’t one of those, “Ok, I think I am going to do this and that” type projects. I stared at her (I always call my furniture pieces HER) forever. I knew I wanted her to be really pretty.

I stared and stared, but it just wasn’t coming to me. I knew I wanted the piece to have some sort of metallic – either gold or silver – finish,  but I wasn’t sold on one over the other.

So, off to Hobby Lobby to walk the isles in search of some inspiration! While in the fabric isles, I came across a fabric I have ALWAYS wanted to use but never had that “right” project for it. There is was staring at me. My inspiration!

I didn’t take a before pic of the fabric, but here it is…

Upcycled Girl's Desk

Once I had my inspiration set, I cleaned the vanity and chair completely then I primed the entire piece with Kilz primer.

After that I painted it with a combo of American Accents Heirloom White and Blossom White.

I painted all the accents with gold metallic paint. This was the first time I had used this type of metallic paint – it was so awesome to use. It went on like butter

GOLD1The top of the vanity looked so lonely and needed some jazzing up! I taped a stencil on the top of the vanity and with a Sharpie marker colored on pink polka dots. Voila! Personality!

Upcycled Girl's DeskAnd, with that she was done and the finale project was finally finished. Bitter Sweet for sure!!!

Upcycled Girl's Desk

Thanks again to everyone that voted for me this entire 10 weeks, I had so much fun!

Hopefully you’ll come visit me sometime at Oh So Shabby!