Welcome to SYTYC Season 17 Meet the Competitors

Welcome to SYTYC Season 17!

I am excited to introduce you, a bit more formally, to the 10 amazingly creative competitors that will be participating this season.

SYTYC Season 17 Competitors


Season 17 Competitors

Ariean Krieger One Krieger ChickAriean, One Krieger Chick
Born and raised in the city, Ariean is now living her dream as a country girl. When not reading stories and kissing boo-boo’s, you can find her sharing trash-to-treasure home decor, kids crafts, family-pleasing recipes and all about life around the Kriefer hosue.

Before becoming a Momma to 3 darling boys, Ariean was a High School Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher, specializing in Interior Design and Fashion. She’s been decorating as long as she can remember…her Barbie houses, doll houses, and now her home. All along the way she’s shared her  ideas with my friends and family. 

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Crystal Stitched by Crystal

Crystal, Stitched by Crystal
Crystal is a wife and working mom of two. She has been sewing for as long as she can remember. Crystal  got her first sewing machine when she was SIX and made all of her dolls blankets and jammies. When she was in high school, she even sewed her own prom dress.

When pregnant with her son, Crystal discovered she really loves making things for babies and children.  She started her blog as a way to document and showcase her work.


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Daniela Bonito Servico Daniela, Bonito Servico
Daniela and her husband and I live in Vila do Conde, Portugal, with our sweet black cat. Creativity is always present in their lives whether they are making something for their house or when Daniela is creating something new for BonitoServiço.

Daniela’s husband is incredibly supportive of her crafty side and she usually gets his opinion on new projects; he gets curious about the final result too! She has been crafting since she was a little girl and hopes to keep it that way.


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Dru Beecher Polkadot PoplarsDru, Polkadot Poplars
Dru is a mother to four, grandmother to 10 (all under the age of seven). She spent 15 years traveling around the world as a military wife . Dru is a lifelong lover of thrift shops, antiques and yard sales and spent many years working in the craft industry.

Dru stays up way too late, drinks Diet Dr. Pepper and claims to be lazy. When it comes to exercising, she’s a bit stubborn. She also believes that everything happens for a reason. A philosophy that helps her appreciate the hard things and learn from them. It’s no accident when Dru crosses path with a new friend, who feels like a soul mate.

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Emily The Benson Street Emily, The Benson Street
Emily is a wife to an amazing, crazy and fun husband who keeps her on her toes. She loves to craft, celebrate, cook, thrift, read, shop and decorate. Emily enjoys working on projects and find ways to share them.

When she’s not working on a simple craft or blogging, you can usually find her reading a good book or out shopping.



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justynn 300Justynn, Creative Life Antics
Justynn is a 20-something graphic designer with an obsession with the creative. She bought her “first place” at 22 and has slowly been making it her own ever since.

She loves DIY art projects, making things for friends and family, baking things, being outside, camping and her dog. Justynn has a full schedule between work, school and blogging.



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Krisha Jacks and Kate

Krisha, Jacks and Kate
Krisha (pronounced like Trisha) loves to make stuff. She started out sewing tote bags for local friends and before she knew it she had a successful Etsy shop. After two years of non-stop business she decided to shut down my shop to spend more time with her family.

Since the majority of Krisha’s days are spent in the company of people under the age of 6, blogging has been crucial to her sanity! She loves being able to put ideas into writing and share them with others.

When Krisha’s not blogging or binge watching Netflix, she’s  busy raising and homeschooling her 3 beautiful babes with her husband Chris, Mr. Jacks & Kate.

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Lynda Hamilton Lynda, Oh So Shabby
Lynda caught the DIY bug a couple of years ago when a friend introduced her to handmade jewelry. She’s moved from jewelry and hair bows to painting, sewing and decorating, documenting it all on her blog for the last two years.

In addition to exploring her creative side, Lynda has owned and operated her own business for the last 18 years. She’s had amazing clients and enjoyed the ridiculous perks that come with working in the hospitality industry. The biggest perk of all? It led to her  amazing hubby of 12 years

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Melissa 300Melissa, Fablifyit
Melissa is a wife and mom to five – three children of her own and two “bonus kids.” She also blogs and runs a business called, FabDecor. Perhaps that’s why her friends have said she’s a busy, busy, busy lady.

Her blog is full of beautiful moments from family stories to crafts and thoughts on her time as a child in the foster care system.

Melissa has a degree in accounting and is a self-proclaimed perfectionist.


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Michelle Barbour 300Michelle, Delicate Construction
Michelle and her husband have been married for four and a half years, though they’ve been together for nearly 10. They have a feisty red-headed three-year-old named Avery. Michelle and her husband are full-time caregivers to a 23-year-old with Fragile x and Autism.

In addition to acting as a wife, mother and caregiver, Michelle is worked on a Masters in Teaching. She shares fun, frugal, quick and easy crafts, projects, activities and ideas on her blog. She is a Disneyland lovin’, coupon using, Dollar Tree addicted, over the top party planning, compulsive classroom volunteer and wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

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Thank You Season 16 Sponsors

Special thanks goes out today to our Season 16 sponsors. We’re so grateful for their continued support. I hope you will take just a minute today and hop over to check out their sites.

Lisa LeonardLisa Leonard2

Aqua Nugget Necklace

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Straight Stitch Society Digital Pattern

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Fat QuaterFat Quater2

Happy Go Lucky” Fat Quarter Bundle

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4 PDF patterns and hardware

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Season 16 Final Results

We’ve come to the end of the season. It’s a bit bittersweet. I’ve come to really enjoy each of the contestants this season and I am not sure I am ready to move on! However move on we must. This week you were tasked with selecting a winner between Jessica‘s awesome lace stenciled headboard and Hayley’s room reveal.

Season 16 Collage


The projects were amazing and this week’s voting fell right inline with what’s happened throughout the rest of the season. Each week we’ve seen amazing projects and the voting has been ridiculously close. With 3,462 votes cast, we do have a winner.

Cue the confetti! Drum roll please! It’s time to “crown” the winner of SYTYC Season 16!!!! Congratulations to….



Be sure to come back next week for the tutorials!

I though you might enjoy a quick look at some of the fab projects that have won this season.

Removable Fabric WallpaperHow to Create Removable Fabric Wallpaper

Refashioned Dress

Refashioned Dress Tutorial 

Squirt Gun Curtains

Squirt Gun Curtains 

DIY Whisky Fire Pit

DIY Whisky Fire Pit

hot air balloon necklace tutorial

Hot Air Balloon Necklace Tutorial

Alphabet Ruffle Quilt

Alphabet Ruffle Quilt


Nautical Beach Bag Tutorial

PVC Market

PVC Kids Market


I’m Crafty Party No. 57

Welcome to the “I’m Crafty” party, your chance to join our Season 16 competitors in showcasing your talent online! Your project doesn’t need to be a new one…So come on, share with us!

A few things to remember:

  • Link to a specific post, not your blog in general.
  • Please only post your ideas, not round ups or guest posts.
  • Think outside the box – a craft, tutorial, recipe, anything that fits the theme!
  • Grab the handy dandy button in the side bar or share a text link and put it on your blog so people know there’s other great stuff linked up here to see.
  • Visit at least two other links and leave them some love – everyone likes appreciation.
  • Join me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. I’ll be sharing some of my favorites there throughout the week.

So do you think you’re crafty?


Memo and Organization Station {Tutorial}

I know I mentioned it yesterday, but I was so excited to see all of the AMAZING projects that were shared in last week’s audition round. I can’t wait to get to know our 10 finalists a little bit better during the coming season.

Today you’ll get to know a little more about Justynn, from Creative Life Antics, who is sharing her HUGE memo and organization station tutorial. This project took second place in our Season 17 auditions. It’s pretty killer (yes, I did grow up in the 80’s).

Justynn Creative Life Antics

Memo & Organization Station

Wow guys, I was really thrilled to find out that not only had I made it past auditions, but that my tutorial for my project would be featured here on SYTYC!! What an honor! Before I get too far into it, hello– my name is Justynn and I blog at Creative Life Antics!

To be completely honest, I had started working on a completely different project for my audition piece before I found out that there was a theme. Like I mentioned during the auditions when I was told the theme was “back to school,” I might have had a slight panic moment (or two). I don’t have kids (in my 20s) or really know anyone that has kids that are school age. Luckily, after a few days of freaking out, I figured that I could make something for a college student (that’s still back to school in my book!) I planned in my head to make this sweet, huge organizer– which was my first mistake, don’t plan in your head, write stuff down.

Memo and organizational board


  •  (4) 1X4 8ft boards
  • (3) 1×3 8ft boards
  • (1) 2’x4′ pegboard piece
  • (1) box of really long screws I think mine were over 2.5in
  • I used my new Kreg Jig
  • Chalkboard paint (already had)
  • White Spray Paint (already had)
  • Magnetic Calendar that I never used
  • (1) Pack of 10″x10″ cork board squares
  • glue
  • short wide headed screws
  • green craft paint
  • Wood stain

And, lots of patience….

stuff to make magnets/ chalk/ pins… misc knick-knacks…

Memo and Organization Board via Creative Life AnticsAfter getting all the supplies home the first step was to make the frame. I cut the 1x4s down to size and angled the ends at 45 degrees. After the cuts were made I laid all the pieces out to make sure they fit well (they didn’t, I’m apparently not a math major). Once they finally fit well I used a small drill bit to drill pilot holes for my screws. Using long skinny 2.5″ screws I screwed the frame together.

Memo and Organization Board via Creative Life Antics

Once the frame was put together I needed to inset the braces. I remeasured and cut the 1x3s does to to the right sizes for each section. Since I had a set width for the calendar and knew that was the only section that HAD to be a certain size, it gave me a lot of play and leeway for the remainder of the sections. I used a kreg jig to drill pilot holes so the screws would be sunken in and not noticeable from the front. I now love the new tool and try to find every single use for it in all my future projects.

Memo and Organization Board via Creative Life Antics

Memo and Organization Board via Creative Life Antics

After the whole frame was complete I decided to stain it. I laid it out int he driveway to dry for a few hours and started to work on the panels & pegboard. The pegboard was cut to size, spray painted white and attached to the left side of the board. The first panel I made was the backing for the cork board. I used some pieces of masonite from a past project to make the panels. One of the other panels received four thin coats of chalkboard paint.

Memo and Organizational Board via Creative Life Antics

To add the cork I used 10″ square cork tiles (much more cost effective than buying a roll!). After adding the cork, I realized that it need something more to be school themed. I taped off the Michigan State “S” and a thin box outline.

Memo Board Image 6

Memo and Organizational Board via Creative Life Antics

Next I installed the magnetic calendar. It was one I had bought off Amazon a few years ago, never used and I just took it out of the frame it came it and repurposed for this project. Finally after the chalk paint was dry I installed the lower chalkboard panel. After a few days I “primed” the chalkboard by rubbing a piece all over and erasing off.

Memo and Organizational Board via Creative Life Antics

I used some letters found at my local craft store and magnets to make MSU magnets. I added pegs to the pegboard and wrapped some wire around small mason jars to make holders for pins, pens and chalk.

Memo Board Image 9 SYTYC CLA-01

Memo Board Image 10 SYTYC CLA-01

Memo and Organizational Board via Creative Life Antics

I’m really happy with how this board turned out. There was definitely a moment where I was ready to scrap the whole thing and come up with something new. Luckily though I had my boyfriend helping me (so I could get action shots) and was able to push through the whole project in two days. I actually just talked about it this past weekend with my sister who informed me that her roommates had all seen it during the auditions and were really excited to have it this year.

Memo Board Image 12 SYTYC CLA-01

Thank you all so much for voting and I hope to be back here more with tutorials during Season 17!

Join me in congratulating Justynn for her first “win” of the season. I am looking forward to seeing more from her and hope you are too. In the meantime, I hope you will hop over to her site and check out a few of these fun projects…

Creative Life Antics


Magazine Clip Art Skull | Map Art | Typography Art

Kids’ Back-to-School Station {Tutorial}

Oh my goodness. What a busy week. Not only are we in the midst of our Season 16 finals, but we’re sharing two fabulous tutorials this week from our Season 17 competitors. I am so excited!!!

Today I am excited to introduce you to Lynda, from Oh So Shabby. She landed a spot in our Season 17 competition by winning first place in last week’s audition round.

Oh So Shabby Blog

Lynda is sharing her first place Kids’ Back-to-School station with us this week!

Kids’ Back-to-School Station Tutorial

So excited to have made it through the Audition Round.   There were so many awesome projects!!

Kids Back to School Station via Oh So Shabby

The inspiration behind my project was my mudroom…………. I call it my mudroom mayhem—  the room that is always cluttered with backpacks, papers , Ipods, jackets, shoes, and the dreaded cat box!

My inspiration was this awesome chippy paint door.

Kids Back to School Station via Oh So Shabby

It weighed about 100 lbs and the glass was missing so it was a perfect find. And a garage sale bargain at $20! Because I have a huge passion for up-cycling I wanted something unique so this door was the perfect choice. Even more perfect was  the original old aqua chippy paint (which is my current color obsession).

First I bought a 24 x 48 chalkboard board from Menards for $8.50. Then I cut it to size and screwed it to the back of the door.

Kids Back to School Station via Oh So Shabby

Then I added some scrap book paper with mod podge to some paper mail boxes from Hobby Lobby and painted the flags aqua.  The mail boxes will be used as iPod docking stations.

Kids Back to School Station via Oh So Shabby

There is a mail slot in the door so it was a perfect place to fish the IPOD cords through.

Kids Back to School Station via Oh So Shabby

Then I took a scrap piece of wood, stained it, then dry brushed on a 50/50 combo of Annie Sloan Old White and Duck Egg Chalk Paint.  Then screwed it on the door with some shelf brackets from Meijer.

Kids Back to School Station via Oh So Shabby

After that I screwed on the backpack hooks from Hobby Lobby, the single flower vases that I bought while on vacation on Orcas Island, the clip boards for the chore charts, and added a chalk shelf.

Kids Back to School Station 7

Total cost of the project was $20 for the door, $7 for the mailboxes, $9 for the hardware, $6 for the sunflowers,  $8.50 for the chalk board and $3 for the clipboards.   Total cost = $53.50.  Not bad for the whole job.  The kids LOVE their new kid station and I am so excited to not hear “WHERE’S MY IPOD”!!!   I do believe this project was simple enough that most people could tackle it!

Kids Back to School Station via Oh So Shabby

So excited to have made it into the contest now on to so kitchen brainstorming!!

Thanks so very much for sharing your amazing project Lynda!

I know you’ll all see MUCH more of Lynda in the coming weeks, but I hope you will take the time RIGHT NOW to hop over to her site and check out of her already accomplished pin worthy ideas. Here are a few that I love…

Oh So Shabby

Easy Ruffle Valance | Ombre Girl’s Reading Nook | Princess Bedroom

Wildcard Challenge (Season 16, Finals)


Season 16 Finals

I cannot believe how quickly this season has past. We’ve gone from 10 amazing crafters all the way down to two finalists. It’s been super-hard to say farewell to our other Season 16 contestants as we’ve moved forward, but I know they are all cheering on Hayley and Jessica today.

There was no theme for this week’s final project – the girls were allowed to showcase any project they liked. Interestingly, both chose home DIY projects. I don’t know if that will make it harder for you to select the winner or easier, but without any additional preamble let’s get to it!

The Projects…

Season 16 Collage

Lace-Stenciled Headboard

Jessica, Cutesy Crafts

I’m so excited that I made it to the finale of So You Think You’re Crafty!  For this final round, I decided to make something that has been on my to-do list for a really long time, an upholstered headboard.  I wanted to add a little something extra to it, so I stenciled the fabric using a lace!

Lace Stenciled Headboard

Home decor fabric can be so expensive, so I decided to try out using a canvas drop cloth instead.  That’s right, the kind used for painting!  It was actually surprisingly well made.  I will definitely be using drop cloths again in the future!

Lace Stenciled Headboard

Lay some lace over the top, spray paint, and…

Lace Stenciled Headboard

…you’ve got yourself a cute print!  I love the fact that it’s neutral but still pretty and unique.

Lace Stenciled Headboard

This was my first furniture building experience, and I am so pleased with the results!  The most difficult part was probably fitting the piece of wood into my minivan.  Seriously, worst hardware store trip EVER!  It was worth it though, because look what I made!

Lace Stenciled Headboard

That’s it!  I’m so happy to have spent the last ten weeks crafting with all of you!  I’m gonna go take a nap in my new bed now. – Jessica

The Number Room

Hayley, Welcome to the Mouse House

Hey guys!  I am SO excited to share my final project with you.  I have even more photos on my blog for you to check out.

So here is the thing… I had a totally different idea in mind for the final week, but my 6 year old son Ethan wanted something specific, something BIG.  This is a kid that has never asked for anything and he meant business.   He wanted a “Number Room”. He has Autism and numbers are his thing…In fact, he calls himself “The Number King,” so when he suddenly expressed an opinion about his room and told us exactly what he wanted, I decided to listen.

Here is the best part… this was all a surprise for Ethan. He had NO idea that we were actually going to change his room. We did all of this while he was out of town with Grandma.  Here is his  room before (which I loved!).

I sat down with him and just asked him a few questions… favorite number, what colors, what he was thinking, and what he imagined. When he told me that he wanted bright green walls, blue accessories, and white, black, and gray everywhere else… I fell out of my chair.  What???!   How would I do this?

Okay, calm down Hayley, you can do this…So, I chose a green that I could deal with (thank goodness most of his walls were already white beadboard) and I started brainstorming the rest.

My absolute favorite part is the wall art I created above his bed.

It is a bunch of furring strips cut to various lengths, nailed to a board, and stained.  I then added odd shaped numbers to it.  Do you love it as much as I do?

Across from his bed, above his dresser, I framed numbers (I will have the printables on my blog soon).  I also bought a vintage teaching clock and a few accessories for the shelves.  The chair features a cute bicycle pillow I found at Home Goods.

You may be gasping, but Ethan requested white bedding.  Yes, white.  He is a man after my own heart.  I bought him a white duvet cover that can be easily removed and washed.

Ethan told me that his favorite number is “7” so I appliqued a “7” onto a pillow.  I spray painted his old red lamp navy blue, added some baskets and blankets, and of course hung the cool license plate book holder.

One of the main things he requested were clocks and a magnet board.  I added some clocks to his shelves and then a magnet board to one wall.  I found some vintage magnets for the board, which he immediately started playing with.

He was in love.  And that means the world to me.

The Voting…

And that brings us to the end…Please vote for either the lace stenciled headboard or the number room. Voting will be open through Thursday, August 15, at 5 p.m. MST. The winner of Season 16 will be announced Friday, August 16.

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Season 17 Audition Results

Oh my goodness. This week has just flown by! It’s been fun watching the votes come in on the back-to-school projects and I am super-excited to share the results of our Season 17 Auditions today.

Crafter Reveal

Season 17 Auditions


1. Teacher Name Plate – Emily, The Benson Street
2. Washi Tape Locker Accessories – Carissa, Creative Green Living
3. Back-to-School Bench Organizer – Melissa, Fab Decor
4. Back-to-School Boot Bracelets – Mandy, Mandy Jean Chic
5. Homework Desk – Dru, Polka Dot Popplars
6. Huge Memo Organization Station – Justynn, Creative Life Antics
7. First Day of Preschool – Shaffer Sisters
8. Just for Kids Command Center – Ariean, One Krieger Chick
9. Embroidery Floss Pencils – Brenda, Brenda Bird Designs
10. Children’s Artwork Pencil Pouch – Krisha, Jacks & Kate
11. Back in Style – Ashley, Apples by Ashley
12. Back-to-School Message Board – Michelle, Delicate Construction
13. Pretty Embroidered Pencil Case – Crystal, Stitched by Crystal
14. Altered Journal and Pencil Box – Carrie, CASBa Creations
15. Back-to-School Wreath – Laura, Laura’s Crafty Life
16. Owl Lunch Bag – Daniela, Bonito Servico
17. Kids Back-to-School Station – Lynda, Oh So Shabby
18. ABC Lined Paper Dress – Justine, Sew Country Chick
19. Locker Chandelier – Carrie, Crafty Night Owls
20. Monster Recycling Box – Randi, Sowdering About

Season 17 Results

The competition was tight, but we’ve narrowed down the field to 10 amazing crafters…

Season 17 Contestants


Our Season 17 contestants are…

Lynda, Oh So Shabby
Justynn, Creative Life Antics
MelissaFab Decor
Crystal, Stitched by Crystal
Ariean, One Krieger Chick
Daniela, Bonito Servico
KrishaJacks & Kate
Dru, Polka Dot Popplars
Emily, The Benson Street
Michelle, Delicate Construction

Next week…

Come back next week for our Season 16 finals, along with tutorials from Oh So Shabby and Creative Life Antics!