DIY Photoshoot with Heart Bokeh

*Project  by Kirstin @ KoJo Designs for the Love challenge of Season 10*

What happens when your go-to photog (who also happens to be your sister) moves across the ocean and you want to make photo Valentines? Well, first you feel a little sorry for yourself. And then you assemble a pile of supplies for a do-it-yourself, at-home photo shoot.

The essentials? Some heart bokeh (the blurry heart-Christmas-lights in the background- I can’t wait to share how to ‘shape’ your bokeh)…

…a chippy painted backdrop, pink and red balloons and a handmade dress…

…and you have yourself a Valentine-worthy photo shoot! Come on over to kojodesigns for more DIY photo shoot goodness (and some of the funny outtakes!)

Love Letters

*Project by Kim @ A Girl and a Glue Gun for the Love challenge of Season 10*

you know..I’m not really a huge decorator for holidays (except Christmas) so i didn’t want to spend my time making something that would only be shown for a good month out of the year….

and since i have been meaning to do pillows for my daughters room…i thought sure..let’s do some giant love letters….

One for my daughter Jordan…and one for my daughter Kameron…
They are made from foam…covered with fabric..and are about 3 inches thick and 18 inches tall…
and they come with a special little hidden pocket to put some REAL love letters in…

super sweet and super cute!

Little Red Riding Hood Cape and Basket

*Project by Christy @ Inklings & Yarns for the Red challenge of Season 14*

Who doesn’t love dress up clothes? Nobody, that’s who. My Little Red
isn’t even old enough to understand what dress up is and she still
loves this cape and basket I made her.

The cape is made from red stretch velvet and a little satin ribbon. I
used one of her many hoodies as a template for the top, measured her
from the shoulders to the floor, and just winged (wung?) it from
there. The basket is made from soft cotton yarn, with an added bit of
ribbon to match her cape. The basket is her favorite part. She loves
to put things in it (most notably, Cheerios).

Even the Big Bad Wolf approves.

Valentine’s Outfit

*Project by Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique for the Red challenge of season 14*

The first thing I thought of for “Red” was “VALENTINE’s OUTFITS!!” So excited. I’ve been wanting to make some cute love day outfits and this was my shot. I pulled out my cute striped jersey and made a little pattern for some cardigans. I thought it would be cute to add some fun heart patches on the elbows. Originally I was going to use some plain red jersey, but, I found some cute red polka dot socks in my fabric stash and knew they were meant to be the hearts :) I hand sewed them on using a blanket stitch. When I finished the cardigans, I felt like we needed more. So, I pulled out some red stretch lace and used it as an overlay on my plain red jersey I had bought for the hearts. It was PERFECT for a Valentine’s day midi skirt. Top it off with a fun headband and my girlies are set for the big day.



Love Embroidery Hoop Art

*Project by Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty for the Red challenge of season 14*

Thanks again for your votes last week!  I’m actually kind of amazed to still be in the competition.  And I’m excited to get the chance to you show you my “Red”-themed project.

Well, of course the first thing that popped into my head this time of year was Valentine’s Day– so, I combined my love of embroidery with Valentine’s Day, and came up with this Love Embroidery Hoop Art.

I designed the pattern myself, using a pencil to trace it onto my fabric.  Then I placed my fabric and batting into an embroidery hoop, and got to work on the text.  I used a simple running stitch.

I used some fabric from my stash to create the letters, adhering them to my hoop fabric with Heat n Bond.  I added an applique stitch and some outlining to help the letters stand out clearly against the white fabric.

This makes a great little wall hanging, or you can display it on a stand with your other Valentine’s Day decor.

I “Love” it- and I hope you do to.  If you like it, please vote for me!

Charming Red Necklace

*Project by Catherine @ CathGrace for the Red challenge of season 14*

For my red project I was originally fairly stumped, you see, I’m not really a red person. Oh, I like red well enough, but I much prefer things in the blue or green family. After thinking and thinking about it for a bit, I came up with a project that I not only love, and think I will get a lot of use out of, but it also makes me rethink my opinion on RED! For my project, I offer up this “Charming” Red Necklace (Oh ouch, bad pun!)
The faceted red glass beads are all hand strung onto silver wire, and then there are more than 65 charms hanging from the 3 glass bead strands.

Some of the charms came from earrings missing their companion, some from local markets, and some are just plain ones from the jewelry department at Michael’s that I got on clearance forever ago, (there are also a couple of handmade glass beads that were gifts from lamp-working friends.)  The back is closed with a toggle clasp, and there is a hanging charm dangling down at the end of a row of red beads. I love how many colors I am going to be able to wear with this necklace, and how eclectic it is, it looks like something out of a great vintage store or boutique

I hope you think my project is as “charming” as I do! And I would LOVE your vote!

Wild Things Bowl

*Project  by Deidre @ A Craft A Day for the Children’s Literature challenge of season 10*

It is inevitable, if you have children, that you have wonderful books that have torn or missing pages.  They are no longer useful for their original intent.  Those books often make their way to the garbage.  Instead of throwing it away, here is a great way to make use of that wonderful book.

Made from the book Where the Wild Things Are, this paper bowl is more sturdy than it used to be.  It makes a great decoration that can be used for so many things.
 It’s a fun project you can do with your children, making it a great recycling lesson.

Courious George Shower

*Project  by Kirstin @ KoJo Designs for the Children’s Literature challenge of season 10*

My husband often says that our kids have more books than anyone he knows. Between the stash I’d collected from my years teaching and the fact that children’s books seem to be the one purchase I cannot refuse, we have bookcases teeming with Kevin Henkes and Robert Munsch and Patricia Polacco and Mem Fox. Narrowing to a project for this week’s theme, then, proved to be quite the challenge. Luckily, I had a themeless baby shower to throw- and a Curious George theme was the perfect match.

The shower decor was heavy on the bananas, sock monkeys, and yellow hats (and ties!), with all sorts of book page accents thrown in as well (a couple of buntings, one batch of cupcake wrappers, the treat buffet backdrop and the stands for all of the signage were made from the pages of a falling apart Curious George book that I found at a thrift store). I’ll have several of the decor related how-to’s up on the kojodesigns blog this week.

The crown jewel of the shower, however, was the “Bananas for Treats” All Store Bought Treat Buffet! Since treat buffets are a fixture at most of the parties I help with, but are not at all low-maintenance, this little gem was a revolutionary time saver. It was inexpensive, a huge hit with the shower guests, and pretty to look at (a how-to is in the works). For more Curious George Shower details, come on by!