Seasonal Items Storage

*Project by Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage for the Organization challenge of Season 10*

Hi all!  Angie with The Country Chic Cottage here!  Organization week came at the PERFECT time.  It was time to haul all that Christmas decor BACK UP to the attic.  I dread the attic haul.  I decided to think of a new storage solution.  I had a closet under my stairs that was full of…well…junk.  Things we never used.  Yet I spent hours hauling boxes up and down the stairs a few times a year.  Well NO MORE!!  I made myself a Seasonal Items Storage Closet!  As you can see from the BEFORE pictures, the closet was unpainted drywall and sub-flooring.  After the junk was hauled away, I began painting.  I painted the walls all white to try to bring in some light.  Yes I even PAINTED my sub-floors a dark grey.
The area in the back became my Christmas storage area.  I added some vinyl to spell “Christmas” on the wall.  I added vinyl on all containers to identify the contents.  The stacking storage unit is from IKEA and is perfect for this space.  It allows me to sort out my seasonal items into easy to access bins.  I also could not resist adding a little organizational art to the wall with some vinyl.
But I couldn’t stop there!  I made a hanging organizer for my wrapping paper.  I took an over-the-door shoe organizer and modified it to work for wrapping paper, tissue, ribbon, gift bags, tape, plus so much more!  The back of any door can become a wrapping station for minimal money and time.  I will have a tutorial on how you can make your own after the voting ends.
Now I have an easy to access, organized area for all my seasonal decor.  You could even add storage for seasonal dishes, wreaths, the possibilities are endless!   Now to clean out that attic…

Nintendo Game Holder

*Project by Kim @ A Girl & A Glue Gun for the Organization challenge of Season 10*

So. i literally made three projects…I’ve never been so organized. but i had to narrow it down to one..

So i picked…a man purse?!  (almost.)

My son recently got a Nintendo 3ds and it’s his most prized possession. He takes it with him everywhere– along with his charger..and his games…AND Have you seen the game cases? the cases are 4 inches by 4 inches….and the games are about 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch. that is a lot of wasted space….so i condensed it down to this little carrying case.

It has a spot for his ds, 8 games, his charger, and cards (or you could put lens cleaner wipes or use it to store more games.

{sorry the plastic makes it so hard to take pictures of!!!}

All the slots are on the side so when folded up nothing falls out. And it even has a handle to make it easy to carry around or to hang up off the floor so no one steps on it.

I even made a smaller version to just hold games in case you already have a case for it! and you can adapt it to fit whatever size video game you have…or make a small one for you ipod and accessories!

Jewelry Tree

*Project by Deidre @ A Craft A Day for the Organization challenge of Season 10*

Why put all of your jewelry in a stuffy box that hides such beauty?  A jewelry tree is such a magnificent way to display such splendor.
With lots of little branches to hold all of your necklaces, earrings and bracelets, you are sure to have plenty of room to store your belongings.
The little nest within the branches is a cozy little place to put smaller pieces of jewelry
This Jewelry Tree was inspired by Anthropologies Wish Tree Jewelry Stand.


Purse Organizers

*Project by Kirstin @ KoJo Designs for the Organization challenge of Season 10*

I love any chance to organize- there is nothing that delights me more than a clean car, an organized craft room, ordered cabinets and closets. But can I tell you something? Ever since I had kids, my purse has been a MESS. My theory is that I have exponentially more stuff to cart around (changes of clothes, diapers/wipes/etc., toys, bribes, drinks, and snacks, lots and lots of snacks). Now granted, the lovely Bag of Many Pockets that I made recently has given me hope of coming days full of better organization.

However, to secure my future as an Organized Purse Girl, I made purse organizers! One for Burke’s stuff, one for Piper Jane’s stuff, and one for snacks and drinks.

They’re pretty to look at, fully lined, and with a bonus pocket on the back. Even better, the snack bag is lined with laminated fabric for easy clean up and has elastic side tabs to keep drinks upright. Their best feature, though, is their pass-ability. As in, “We’re leaving Burke and Piper Jane at babysitting swap- let me pass off one bag for Burke and one bag for Piper Jane.” Makes life so easy. And organized. Yep, you guessed it, I love them. 2012, watch out- Organized Purse Girl is ready to take you on.

Mini MudRoom

*Project by Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff for the Organization challenge of Season 10*

First all, can I just say. Holy Flip. Organization. Huh? For some reason I just had the hardest time with this theme!~ I could not grasp what I wanted to do!!!
But then it hit me. I live in the Northwest. It rains. A lot. Okay, like everyday. And because of that,  you can’t wear shoes in your home. It would be crazy. Your carpets would HATE you. So by your front door is a constant pile of… Shoes. And Umbrellas. And shoes. And more shoes. It’s an eye soar, and I was getting tired of it. I hate clutter. I hate chaos. Especially right at the front door!
So I decided to create a Front Door Organizer! This would also work great for the garage! I just love it. So sleek, and clean, and uncluttered.
It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I stained the back and the side pieces a dark walnut color and gave the front pieces a white wash. All of the pieces are distressed and the hardware is simple and shown for that extra touch! The three spots for the shoes can easily fit two pair in each one! The bottom of each slot contains a little opening to drain anything hanging around the bottom of those shoes. Nothing puddling up in the bottom of each slot. I hung the organizer just high enough that my boys can reach and share the bottom two slots! And the top slot is perfect for mine and my husbands shoes. It’s hard to tell, but they are both in there!
It has three hooks on the very bottom to hang those wet umbrellas. I just need to find a cute little rug to go underneath now to catch all the drips. The hooks are high enough up that my little guys can easily hang their jackets as well. But we’ve already got a place for that hidden away.
Not only can this piece be used as a front door organizer it would be great in the kitchen to stick those kitchen boxes in… You know; foil, saran wrap, Ziploc bags, etc. It would also be great in a craft room full of paper and supplies! Or it would be great in a kids room or toy room where you could fill it full of books! Or in a shop. It could be the perfect place to stash away those constantly grabbed and used tools!
Not getting the vision? Come on over to my blog, Shannon Makes Stuff, and check it out! I have pictures of all the different uses I could come up with and more details of this wonderful piece! (I would love it if you would.)

Little Girls Make Up Box

*Project by Charlene @ eWillow for the Organization challenge of Season 10*

Up-cycle a balsa-wood box to organize all of the pretend make-up that your little girl loves so much! Add a mirror and your little darling will feel like the grown-up princess that she is pretending to be.

I’m Charlene from, and I’m excited to share this organization idea with you. For more photos and details, visit my blog “Paper Clips”  HERE.

You can add balsa wood pieces to make as many different compartments as you need to keep all of her nail polish, lip gloss, lip stick, eye shadow, and hair bows organized. A place for everything, and everything in its place!

Imagine the mess and clutter all of this make-up would create if your little girl didn’t have one of these cool boxes to keep it all organized. Oh, the sticky, yucky mess you would have on your hands!

Bathroom Hooks

*Project by Mandy @ SugarBee Crafts for the Organization challenge of Season 10*

Our hall bathroom - aka the kids bathroom, aka the elephant bathroom (see “lovely” wallpaper) – used to be a nightmare.  The towel rack was coming out of the wall and towels were piled on the floor – even if the towel rack were functioning, kids can’t use those!  Looping a towel over and through just isn’t one of their skill sets.  There is one drawer in that bathroom and when all four kids are brushing their teeth, fighting each other for drawer access – yikes!  So I saw a simple cup idea on pinterest (linked to THIS Etsy Shop) and expanded that idea to work in our situation.

First up, I splurged the $4 and got each kid their own toothpaste.  Now they each have their own supplies in their own spot – no more drawer fights.  Each cup is numbered for cuteness.
Probably one of the most important aspects of this mini-bathroom organizational makeover is the loops sewn on to the towels.  Makes is SUPER EASY to hang them up.

 I am happy to say that this Bathroom Hook Organization has worked wonders!!  Why didn’t I do this years ago??  So simple, but so effective.  So here’s to hoping I can get your vote for an easy way to organize the towel disaster and drawer fighting that comes with a kid bathroom.

Mod Sunburst Mirror

*Project by Amelia @ The Night Garden for the Glitter/Shine/Metallic challenge of season 14*

When I first saw the theme for this week back in December, I knew right
away what I wanted to make. Metallic? Check. Shine? Check. Glitter? . . .
well, I left out the glitter, but I think I used enough metal to make up
for it (and like my husband’s always saying about his motorcycle, “It’s
not glitter; it’s metal-flake”). My choice was obvious: A large
mid-century modern sunburst mirror.

I lucked out and scored the abandoned, gold-colored aluminum tent poles
for $3 at the same rebuilding store where I found the 75-cent, 4-inch
convex mirror and the two light fixture bases ($1 and 50 cents,
respectively). It’s just that I found them several weeks apart, when I was
sure my project was doomed and I wasn’t at all sure what I was looking
for. Sometimes projects just come together that way; happily, luckily, and
by total accident. It’s a huge bonus when it turns out better than you



My project is the result of some amazingly lucky finds (and is nearly two
feet across, at its widest point), but this is a pretty versatile project.
My tutorial will show you how to make it using dowels, chopsticks, twigs,
etc. Everyone can make their own huge mod sunburst mirror! If, like
a magpie, you love things shiny, please give it a vote!