Handmade Gifts | Season 18, Week Six

Welcome back to another exciting challenge on So You Think You’re Crafty. It’s the last week before our final round, when our two finalists will go head to head.

Handmade Gifts HeaderThis week our craters have done their level best to come up with a great handmade gift idea to share. Without further ado, let’s showcase the projects!

Handmade Gifts Challenge

Project #1 Crocheted Advent Calendar

For my gift project I decided to not do an actual gift, although you could give it as a gift, but instead a way of giving gifts.

Crocheted Mini Stocking Advent

I have been wanting to make a crocheted advent calendar for a long time and figured this was a perfect opportunity to do that. My kids love getting a little treat each day leading up to Christmas, it is like a little gift every day.

Crocheted Mini Stocking Advent

Crocheted Mini Stocking Advent

I made 24 little stockings, big enough to hold a few pieces of candy, in fun, bright colors and a variety of patterns. 

Project #2 Glitter Candle Holders

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create unique gifts that are thoughtful and make a beautiful statement. Most of the supplies needed to create these simple Glitter Candle Holders were items I already had on hand. 

DIY Glitter Candle Holder

The glass candles are from the dollar store and are painted with Frosted Glass spray paint. A thin layer of Mod Podge was brushed  around the top and bottom of the glass and sprinkled with  gold and silver glitter.  

DIY Glitter Candle Holder

DIY Glitter Candle Holder

To add a holiday touch, I used my Silhouette to cut out holiday shapes using metallic vinyl.  

Project #3 Holiday Wrap and Packaging

This weeks theme was gifts and I struggled to think of something new and amazing to wow you all with.

DIY Holiday gift wrap and packaging ideas.

Instead I decided that I was going to focus on gift wrapping and packaging! I created all of these packages using just feathers cut from patterned cardstock on my silhouette, simple holiday sprigs, flowers and ornaments, plus some alphabet stamps and ink pads!  

DIY Holiday gift wrap and packaging ideas.

DIY Holiday gift wrap and packaging ideas.

I attached them to various boxes and bags to create a variety of beautiful ways to give those special gifts! 

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Inspired by Disney Season 18 Week 5

One of the most popular challenge topics in the So You Think You’re Crafty catalog is Inspired by Disney. This week our four remaining crafters have come up with amazing projects designed to celebrate the happiest place on Earth. Enjoy!
Disney Inspired

Project #1 Jasmine’s Cave of Wonders

With a daughter that thinks she is next in line for the thrown, we live in a part time princess world.

Disney inspired Jasmine's Cave of Wonders

To celebrate her love of Aladdin we created a Jasmine themed party with a fancy Cave of Wonders (unlike the semi-scary one in the movie). Filled with jewels, pillows, and gold all around to set the tone for her royal party. 

Disney inspired Jasmine's Cave of Wonders

Disney inspired Jasmine's Cave of Wonders

Project #2 Rotten to the Core Sign

If you have kids in the house that watch The Disney Channel, you’ve most likely heard the theme song to the Disney Descendants Movie, Rotten to the Core. 

Disney Decedents Rotten to the Core sign

Hearing the lyrics play in my head like a broken record was the inspiration behind this week’s challenge theme.

Disney Decedents Rotten to the Core sign

Disney Decedents Rotten to the Core sign

The sign is made from scrap pallet wood, paint and paper letters. 

Project #3 Fairy Castle Nightlight

Disney is something that we think about and talk about a lot at our house, however I am not a big fan of the commercial licensed designs.  So thinking about how to add that special Disney magic in a unique way was a big of a challenge!

Fairy Castle Nightlight

 I have been holding on to this shadowbox frame for longer than I should probably admit, but once I decided to make this fairytale castle nightlight, I knew it had finally found its perfect use!  I simply cut the castle with my Silhouette, attached it to a piece of white tissue paper and added some battery operated string lights behind.

Fairy Castle Nightlight

Fairy Castle Nightlight

It’s just enough light at night to keep the monsters at bay, and the sweet happily ever after endings coming!

Project #4 Mickey and Minnie Pillows

For my Disney Inspired project I made a set of Mickey and Minnie Pillows. 

Minnie and Mickey Pillows

I used strips of black, red and yellow to represent their bodies, clothes and shoes.

A couple of little details like Mickey’s buttons and Minnie’s bow and I thought for square pillows they really looked like Mickey and Minnie. 

Mickey Pillow

Minnie Pillow

Inspired by Disney Vote

In the Kitchen Challenge Season 18 | Week 4

This week, we’re whipping things up for the kitchen and I have to say our competitors have really and truly outdone themselves. Read on to check out the fantastic “In the Kitchen” challenge projects, vote and enter to win a prize of your own!

In the Kitchen Header

Project #1 Cork Trivets

Cork inspired my project for this week’s “In the Kitchen” theme.  

Cork trivets. Styled after wood burned trivets, these cork trivets are easy to make.

These Cork Trivets will make your dinner table look stylish holding a pot and can also look great displayed amongst your kitchen decor. 

Cork trivets. Styled after wood burned trivets, these cork trivets are easy to make.

Cork trivets. Styled after wood burned trivets, these cork trivets are easy to make.

Paper stencils and a wood burning tool is all you need to create your own customized wood burned cork trivets.  

Project #2 Rise and Shine Enamel Mug

I have a small addiction to enamel dish ware, especially trendy camping ones with cute sayings.  DIY rise and shine enamel coffee mug. This is amazing!!!The plain mug I had in the cupboard was perfect to host a phrase.

DIY rise and shine enamel coffee mug. This is amazing!!!

DIY rise and shine enamel coffee mug. This is amazing!!!

I created a vinyl decal and applied it directly to the mug using permanent outdoor vinyl (so washing won’t be an issue). I can’t wait to sip from new mug. 

Project #3 Crochet Dishcloths

I love using crocheted dishcloths in my kitchen, they are great for washing dishes and wiping up spills. crochet dishclothes

I really like my dishcloths to have a lot of texture and not a lot of holes so I played around with some different crochet stitches and came up this pattern.

crochet dishcloths

crochet dishclothes

These dishcloths are really thick and and have a really great bumpy texture perfect for cleaning up in the kitchen. 

Project #4 Butcher Chart Cutting Boards

As I was perusing a few of my favorite home goods stores I stumbled on these wood cutting boards shaped like farm animals.  I knew IMMEDIATELY that not only did I have to have them, but that I needed to wood burn them with the traditional butcher cuts.  

Butcher Chart Cutting Boards

I picked out my favorite charts (complete with key) and got busy!  

Butcher Chart Cutting Boards

Butcher Chart Cutting Boards

They turned out even better than I thought they would and they fit our kitchen decor perfectly! Best part, this was truly a project that took under an hour start to finish!

Project #5 Wood Box Centerpiece

A planter box centerpiece is the perfect look for fall.

Wood Box Centerpiece

I used a miter saw and some basic board to create a rustic-modern box for the dining room table and dressed it up with a couple of drawer pulls. 
Wood Box Centerpiece

Wood Box Centerpiece

I love that I can change out the contents to fit the theme of the dinner!

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Paint Season 18, Week 3

I’m continually amazed at how fast time seems to pass by when I am counting the weeks as a part of our competition. As we race toward the finals, the girls continue to up their game – amazing.

This week you’ll be blown away by the the crafters projects for this week’s paint challenge.

So You Think You're Crafty Paint Challenge

Check out all of the projects below and be sure to vote for your favorite!

Paint Challenge Projects

Project #1 Paper Mache Pig

Turquoise and gold really make this pig pop! This project is great for a less fragile take on coin collecting!

Paper Mache Piggy Bank

Paper Mache Piggy Bank

Paper Mache Piggy Bank

Project #2 Wood Photo Stand

I love inspirational quotes and have wanted to display some quotes one my desk.

Wood Photo Stand

The great thing is that the quotes can easily be changed out as often as I like.

Wood Photo Stand

Wood Photo Stand

Project #3 Cameo Box

It was fun to dress up this little cameo box with a little paint.

jewelry box front

The gold decorative pieces add a fun touch to the traditional piece.

cameo box

inside jewelry box

Project #4 Blessed Sign

I love creating unique gifts for people and the Paint Theme challenge this week was the perfect time for me to share this Blessed Wood Sign. 

Blessed Sign 2

I made this sign for a special person who has lived  in three different states and while living in each state, she was blessed with the birth of a Son.

Blessed Sign 4

The color blue represents her boys and the wood veneer hearts represents where they lived at the time.

Blessed Sign 3

Project #5 Painted Feathers

I’m a big fan of incorporating natural elements into functional designs and always adding some fun pops of color.  

painted feathers

These painted feathers were not only a blast to make, but also really dress up the dinner table for all those fall dinners we’re always hosting!

painted feather place setting

feather setting close up

Project #6 Upcycled Jewelry Box

When I stumbled upon this old jewelry box at a thrift shop (for $3.99!) I knew it was a diamond in the rough.


A splash of my favourite color in a chalk paint and some new hardware gave it a fresh new life.



Paint Challenge Vote

It’s time for you to let us know what you think about this week’s amazing paint projects. Please vote for your five favorite projects. You can vote once a day through Wednesday, October 15 at 6 p.m. MT. On Thursday, one crafter will be declared the winner and one crafter will “go home.”


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Kids Can Do Season Challenge + Giveaway

It’s the second week of our Season 18 competition, and these creatives are BRINGING IT!

This week’s theme is Kids Can Do. It’s a SYTYC favorite and we’ve had some awesome projects kids shared over the years.

Kids Can Do Challenge at So You Think You're Crafty

Today we’ve got six awesome projects to share…each one totally kid friendly. This week our challenge winner and one lucky reader will win a $50 Amazon gift card. So…Sit back, scroll through, vote for your favorite and then enter to win!

Kids Can Do Projects

Project #1 Grab Box

Our grab box is made from on old oatmeal container.  I used some chalk board spray paint to paint it black.  The kids them helped me decorate it with scrapbook paper, jewel stickers and metallic dots.  

Kids Grab Box. Filled with stickers and activities to keep kids occupied while mom is busy. This grab box will be the place to hold treats, small toys and a few other goodies that the kids can get whenever I catch them being nice, or doing something extra to help out around the house.  I cut a hole in the lid so that they can reach in and grab a prize, without knowing what it is.  I think this will be a fun way to help motivate the kids to help out more!

Project #2 Kids Halloween Pillows

I was excited when I saw the theme this week. As a crafter and a mom, I feel like it is so important to encourage creativity in kids. I have a daughter who has been learning to sew and she also loves to draw.

Handmade Halloween pillows designed and made by kids. Great fall activity. I wanted to do something that the kids could do from start to finish. I thought it would be fun for them to really be able to take ownership of a project. They started by drawing a picture and we used that as a pattern. They sewed, stuffed and made faces for their pillows. The best part was seeing them with their finished pillows and how excited they were about their creations. They both carried them around the rest of the day and slept with them at night. I love the excitement kids feel in creating something of their own.

Project #3 Peg Doll Family

Supply the kids with some wooden dolls and a plaque from the craft store, with a bit of paint and craft supplies and imagination they can make a family portrait too cute to resist.

This adorable peg family is the perfect craft for kids 6+ It's simple to make and stylish enough to hang in your home. This craft is perfect for ages 6+, even big kids will have a great time working on this project!

Project #4 Decorative Cork Boards

This time of year, capturing kids paperwork and notes can be difficult. Tame the paper and create a fun craft with your kids by making these fun decorative cork boards.

Engage your kids in a fun craft and tame the paper by making these great decorative cork boards. A great project for kids of all ages, but a bit difficult to photograph!

Project #5 Zentangle Coloring Pages

One my least favorite things to hear a kid say is that they can’t draw. I am a huge believer in attitude being more than half the battle, and that’s way zentangles are one of my favorite ways to break that “I can’t draw” attitude!  

Learn to draw with ZentanglesThe idea is simple. Start off with a simple design full of wide open spaces.  Then using one color, fill in each of those areas with a simple design. From lines, to dots, to swirls or zig zags you just keep drawing simple patterns in each of the spaces.  Before you know it you have a work of art!  I did three different versions of this mermaid to showcase the versatility of this concept. I have a full on zentangle where the whole body is filled with simple patterns (perfect for 10 and up), a version where I put simple patterns in the outline and colored the spaces (for kids 6-10), and a simple version where I just put different colors in each of the empty spaces (perfect for the under 6 crowd).  Really though, there is no wrong way to do this project!

Project #6 Halloween Necklace

Kids love to play with clay so why not have them make their own DIY Halloween Necklace made with Sculpty Clay. 

Kids love few craft projects as much as wearable art. Create this fun sculpty clay necklace for Halloween!Just give the  kids a block of clay, some sculpting tools and let their imagination run wild.

Project #7 Adorable Snake Sock

Looking for something cute to curl up with? Check out this adorable sock snake.

Kids Can Do Sock snake

With a bit of felt, some eyes and a little stuffing, this snake is a quick project for little hands. Even better? It will keep kids playing for hours and then give them a warm hug at night.

Kids Can Do Vote

Please vote for your FIVE favorite projects this week. Once you’re done voting, be sure to enter the giveaway for a $50 gift card below.


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Stash Bust – Season 18, Week 1

This week our amazing crafters will be presenting projects based on the theme “STASH BUST.” The projects are fantastic, but we need your help in selecting a winner.

Scroll through and check out each project before casting your vote in this week’s Stash Bust challenge!

So You Think You're Crafty Stash Bust Season 18, Week 1

SYTYC Season 18, Week 1 Projects

Project 1 – Pom Pom Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Ever wanted to whip together a wreath but didn’t have a form on hand? Challenged to root into my stash, I decided I should make a craft with the mountain of embroidery hoops I had collected at thrift shops.

Pom Pom Embroidery Hoop WreathRibbon wrapped, a few handmade felt flowers, a bit of yarn, and a cute birdie brought this sash bust together into a sweet wreath. 

Project #2 – Mixed Media Bracelet

We all know the story. You see something really awesome either in a store, or online and think to yourself, “I can make that!” So you go to the store, you buy all the supplies and you make that one thing. But then you’re left with all those extra supplies.  This happens to me ALL THE TIME with jewelry making supplies. In fact I have an entire box full of beads, wires, chains, charms, cords and more.

Mixed Media BraceletI decided that the best way to take care of this was to create a mixed media bracelet.  I combined a strand of beads, a small piece of chain (from a broken necklace), a piece of leather cord and a charm to create a one of a kind statement piece that cost me $0 to make!  

Project #3 – DIY Milk Glass Succulent Jars

There’s nothing like using a product that you’ve never used before. I challenged myself to dig through my craft stash to find something new and decided on using DecoArt Liquid Glass.   

I applied the Liquid Glass in dots on to glass jars that I’ve been hoarding and when it was dry, I sprayed painted them white. 

DIY Milk Glass JarsOf course, I think they look super cute holding succulents too so they could easily be be planters.  

Project #4 – Paper Wreath

Paper is always great to have on hand, but sometimes you can have too much! Bust out a bunch of basics to create this fun fringed paper wreath.

Fringed Paper WreathIt’s the perfect way to use up your stash!

Project #5 – Star Patchwork Doll Quilt

When first heard the theme for this week, I immediately thought of something scrappy. I decided to make a little doll quilt.

I decided on a star design using small half square triangles. Each block uses two fabrics – one print and one solid. The placement of the fabrics creates the star patter.

Star Patchwork QuiltI made a little pillow to match out of some leftover fabric and rick rack. I am really happy with the way this little quilt turned out and I hope you like it too!

Project #6 – Pom Pom Wall Hanging

If there’s anything I have a stash of…it’s yarn. It’s taken over my craft closet! I’m always looking for new ways to use my supply, so I created this simple Pom Pom Wall Hanging.

Pom Pom Wall HangingIt comes together quickly, especially if you already have a pom pom maker. Just choose a few colors of yarn (these were to match my daughter’s room), whip out a few pom poms during a Netflix session, and you’re 90% of the way there. Add them to a bit of latch rug canvas, tie a tassel to the center, and you’ve got yourself a fun wall hanging!

Project #7 – Patchwork Pillow

After every sewing project there’s just a bit of fabric left and you can’t throw it away! Save those scraps up and create a fun pillow.

Patchwork PillowThis cozy pillow is perfect for the cool weather on its way. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Project #8 – Straw Storage Container

This project has been in the making for about a year. It is one of those ideas that you have, you rush to the store to buy all the stuff and then it just sits there…

We use straws every day at our house, like a lot! I use them, the kids use them.  I felt like I didn’t have a good, pretty place to keep the straws. Since we use them so much I wanted to be able to leave them out on the counter in a pretty container.  

Straw Storage JarIn comes my glass jar straw holder.  I made the lid using two pieces of wood and a drawer knob.  I also stenciled a little design on the side using some glass etching.  We have already loved using this!  

I guess I have halloween on the brain already.  I decided to style this with a few of my favorite halloween decorations! 


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Come back on Thursday to see who’s won our competition and find out who’s tutorial will be featured on Friday!