Wild Card Challenge Season 18 Finale

This season has simply flown by and it’s now time for our Season 18 Finale. As in the past, this round is the Wild Card Challenge. Our two crafters – Erica and Holly – are sharing a project of their choice.

Season 18

This week you will be able to vote for just one project. A winner will be declared on Thursday.

Wild Card Projects

Project #1 Paper Cone Wreath

I wanted to make a big craft statement and Paper Cone Wreaths make such a beautiful one especially at Christmas time.
Paper Cone Wreath 7

This Paper Cone Wreath is made of pretty Christmas themed patterned papers and the tips of the cones are dipped in gold glitter.

Paper Pinecone Wreath

paper cone wreath

The glittered pine cones in the center compliment the wreath bringing a warm and cozy, rustic feel of Christmas in to your home.  

Paper Pinecone WreathWhew! Can you believe  I am a paper crafter at heart and this is my first paper project?!  Thanks for having me in the competition. Glad to be done and I gave it my ALL for sure this past month!   

Project #2 Crocheted Nativity Set

I can’t believe it is the final week of the competition, I am so excited to still be here and to get to share my project with you today. I have had Christmas on my mind lately so since we could do anything we wanted to this week I decided to go with a Christmas project.

crocheted nativity in stable

I love nativity sets and wanted to make my own so I crocheted a set. My crocheted nativity includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger, a star, 2 shepherds, a sheep, and a donkey. I may add more pieces later but for now this is it. 

crocheted nativity in stable

crocheted nativity in stable

I am excited to be able to set my nativity up in our house this year. One of the nicest things about it is that with little kids I am usually a little nervous to put out nativities but this one is made of yarn and stuffed so there really isn’t much they can do to hurt it.

Paper Cone WreathI really love the way that this turned out and I hope you do too.

Season 18 Finale Vote

It’s finally time for you to select our Season 18 winner! Please vote for your favorite project – the one you’d most like to see a tutorial for this week!

Be sure to come back on Thursday and find out who are winner is!!!

Handmade Gifts | Season 18, Week Six

Welcome back to another exciting challenge on So You Think You’re Crafty. It’s the last week before our final round, when our two finalists will go head to head.

Handmade Gifts HeaderThis week our craters have done their level best to come up with a great handmade gift idea to share. Without further ado, let’s showcase the projects!

Handmade Gifts Challenge

Project #1 Crocheted Advent Calendar

For my gift project I decided to not do an actual gift, although you could give it as a gift, but instead a way of giving gifts.

Crocheted Mini Stocking Advent

I have been wanting to make a crocheted advent calendar for a long time and figured this was a perfect opportunity to do that. My kids love getting a little treat each day leading up to Christmas, it is like a little gift every day.

Crocheted Mini Stocking Advent

Crocheted Mini Stocking Advent

I made 24 little stockings, big enough to hold a few pieces of candy, in fun, bright colors and a variety of patterns. 

Project #2 Glitter Candle Holders

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create unique gifts that are thoughtful and make a beautiful statement. Most of the supplies needed to create these simple Glitter Candle Holders were items I already had on hand. 

DIY Glitter Candle Holder

The glass candles are from the dollar store and are painted with Frosted Glass spray paint. A thin layer of Mod Podge was brushed  around the top and bottom of the glass and sprinkled with  gold and silver glitter.  

DIY Glitter Candle Holder

DIY Glitter Candle Holder

To add a holiday touch, I used my Silhouette to cut out holiday shapes using metallic vinyl.  

Project #3 Holiday Wrap and Packaging

This weeks theme was gifts and I struggled to think of something new and amazing to wow you all with.

DIY Holiday gift wrap and packaging ideas.

Instead I decided that I was going to focus on gift wrapping and packaging! I created all of these packages using just feathers cut from patterned cardstock on my silhouette, simple holiday sprigs, flowers and ornaments, plus some alphabet stamps and ink pads!  

DIY Holiday gift wrap and packaging ideas.

DIY Holiday gift wrap and packaging ideas.

I attached them to various boxes and bags to create a variety of beautiful ways to give those special gifts! 

Handmade Gift Vote


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In the Kitchen Challenge Season 18 | Week 4

This week, we’re whipping things up for the kitchen and I have to say our competitors have really and truly outdone themselves. Read on to check out the fantastic “In the Kitchen” challenge projects, vote and enter to win a prize of your own!

In the Kitchen Header

Project #1 Cork Trivets

Cork inspired my project for this week’s “In the Kitchen” theme.  

Cork trivets. Styled after wood burned trivets, these cork trivets are easy to make.

These Cork Trivets will make your dinner table look stylish holding a pot and can also look great displayed amongst your kitchen decor. 

Cork trivets. Styled after wood burned trivets, these cork trivets are easy to make.

Cork trivets. Styled after wood burned trivets, these cork trivets are easy to make.

Paper stencils and a wood burning tool is all you need to create your own customized wood burned cork trivets.  

Project #2 Rise and Shine Enamel Mug

I have a small addiction to enamel dish ware, especially trendy camping ones with cute sayings.  DIY rise and shine enamel coffee mug. This is amazing!!!The plain mug I had in the cupboard was perfect to host a phrase.

DIY rise and shine enamel coffee mug. This is amazing!!!

DIY rise and shine enamel coffee mug. This is amazing!!!

I created a vinyl decal and applied it directly to the mug using permanent outdoor vinyl (so washing won’t be an issue). I can’t wait to sip from new mug. 

Project #3 Crochet Dishcloths

I love using crocheted dishcloths in my kitchen, they are great for washing dishes and wiping up spills. crochet dishclothes

I really like my dishcloths to have a lot of texture and not a lot of holes so I played around with some different crochet stitches and came up this pattern.

crochet dishcloths

crochet dishclothes

These dishcloths are really thick and and have a really great bumpy texture perfect for cleaning up in the kitchen. 

Project #4 Butcher Chart Cutting Boards

As I was perusing a few of my favorite home goods stores I stumbled on these wood cutting boards shaped like farm animals.  I knew IMMEDIATELY that not only did I have to have them, but that I needed to wood burn them with the traditional butcher cuts.  

Butcher Chart Cutting Boards

I picked out my favorite charts (complete with key) and got busy!  

Butcher Chart Cutting Boards

Butcher Chart Cutting Boards

They turned out even better than I thought they would and they fit our kitchen decor perfectly! Best part, this was truly a project that took under an hour start to finish!

Project #5 Wood Box Centerpiece

A planter box centerpiece is the perfect look for fall.

Wood Box Centerpiece

I used a miter saw and some basic board to create a rustic-modern box for the dining room table and dressed it up with a couple of drawer pulls. 
Wood Box Centerpiece

Wood Box Centerpiece

I love that I can change out the contents to fit the theme of the dinner!

In the Kitchen Vote


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Season 17 Final Challenge

Season 17 Finals Challenge We’ve reached the final week in the final season of 2013. This week, someone will walk away winner of the SYTYC challenge.

Our two challengers have spent weeks working on their final projects and today you will get the chance to look at their hard work and determine the winner!

For the first time this season, the projects will not be anonymous. You will be able to see who’s behind the project. I have flipped a coin to see who’s project would be listed first.

Season 17 Finals Challenge

Stitched by Crystal QuoteUp first is Crystal, who blogs at Stitched by Crystal.

Crystal has been a strong competitor this season, taking first place in THREE of our weekly challenges, and placing toward the top in all the rest.

Here’s a little reminder of the projects Crystal has shared with us this season…

STITCHED BY CRYSTAL PROJECTS.jpgDIY Chalkboard Serving Tray | Rainbow Baby Quilt | Reversible Fall Leaf Pillow Case

Final Project – Upcycled Kids Art Station

Wow! I am in the SYTYC finals! Thank you so much for all your votes along the way! These past 10 weeks have been crazy; stressful, exhausting, but so so fun.

It isn’t easy churning out craft projects week after week, and then add in two kids, work, and everything else life throws your way in two and a half months and things get a little nuts! I am so excited I have made it this far and to get to share my upcycled kids art station with you!

Upcycled Kids Art Station

I think I am pretty creative (it would be silly to enter a crafting competition if I didn’t, right?), but I’ve got nothing on my kids. My oldest is not even three yet and he blows me away with his imagination and creativity.

I have also learned (the hard way) in my short 3 years of being a parent that if you don’t provide your kid with a place to be creative, they will find one on their own…Unfortunately they don’t always choose the best place so you might find your little Picasso’s next great work of art on your dining room table, kitchen wall, or new leather couch!  With some thrift store finds and some things I picked up at the hardware store I created this little corner art station for my kids.

Upcycled Kids Art StationThere are lots of details and I want to show you everything!

I will start with my favorite part, the desk. The desk is made from an old end table that I bought at a yard sale when I was in college. It is lower then most end tables, but some new legs made from some scrap wood brought it up to a comfortable height for my kids to sit at.

With some more scrap wood and a wooden dowel, I added huge roll of drawing paper to the side. The paper can be pulled over the top of the table for endless coloring.  At the back of the table there is a hole to change out the paper roll; I added a little ribbon to make the dowel easier to remove.

Then the desk got a few coats of red paint.  I went with primary colors for this project but tried to pick colors that were a bit more muted and vintage looking, I am really loving this red!  I painted the top of the table with chalkboard paint and added a little drawer pull that I turned upside down to the side of the desk, it holds a few pieces of chalk.  The drawer on the side got some new knobs and is housing coloring books and some construction paper.

Upcycled kids art stationI found two small preschool chairs on craigslist for a steal, one for my son and one for my daughter. They were pretty beat up but it was nothing some paint couldn’t fix. They had a dark stain on them and I really wanted them yellow so it took a lot of sanding and several coats of primer and paint, but it was worth the effort, I am so happy with the end result.

I picked up a large framed print for a few bucks at a thrift store. I cut some peg board to replace the print and painted the frame blue and the board a shade lighter. It provides a place for hanging all sorts of craft items and keeping everything organized. I added some hooks to a piece of scrap wood and hung the wood from the bottom of frame with some hook eyes and S rings. The hooks hold some buckets I found in the $1 spot at Target.  AND, because I simply could not finish my final project without sewing something, I made a cute little fabric bunting to hang from the top.

Upcycled kids art stationI wanted to create a little art gallery for my kids to display their work. My parents had a stack of unused clipboards in their garage so I grabbed three of them and painted them to match the set. I hung them on that wall so my kids could easily clip their work for display and change it out whenever they want.

I am so happy with how this art station turned out; now my kids have the perfect place for coloring, painting, and crafting the day away! I hope you love this art station as much as my kids and I do, I would really love your vote!

Upcycled Kids Art Station

Thanks Crystal!

Lynda Oh So ShabbyOur other finalist is Lynda, who blogs at Oh So Shabby.

Lynda has also had a lot of success this season. She started out early with a win in the audition round and picked up THREE more wins during the course of the season, for a total of FOUR!

Here’s a reminder of the projects Lynda has shared with us this season…

Oh So Shabby Project CollageOrganization Station | First Birthday Highchair | Rapunzle Pumpkin Tower | Trick-or-Treat Bags

Final Project – Girls Antique Vanity Drab to Fab

I cannot believe that 10 weeks is finally over.  It has been so much fun, a lot of work, and great getting to meet some new blogging buddies. I am honored to be in the finale. Crystal has been a fierce competitor and I am sure she’s brought her “A” game  to the finale.

For the finale I decided to do a project that was true to my design passion – repurposing furniture. I have dabbled in many creative projects but repurposing is what makes my heart go pitter patter. The feeling of accomplishment when I see the before and after is like no other.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this little gem on Craig’s List for $25.  This cute little old couple was moving and I almost felt bad only paying $25.

Here she is before….

Upcycled Girls Vanity And here she is after….

Upcycled Girls Vanity

When I got her home I literally sat there staring at her waiting for the inspiration to jump out at me… NOTHING!!

I knew I was going to reupholster the chair so I decided to head to Hobby Lobby for some material. I figured the inspiration would start there.  As soon as I entered the fabric isle I knew immediately what fabric I would use…I have had my eye on this fabric for a long time  but had nowhere to use it. Ahhh haaa, finally I can get my hands on it!

Upcycled Girl's Desk

First I cleaned the vanity and chair completely then I primed the entire piece with Kilz primer. After that I painted it with a combo of American Accents Heirloom White and Blossom White.  Then I painted all the accents with gold metallic paint.  This was the first time I had used this type of metallic paint – it was so awesome to use. It went on like butter!

The top of the vanity looked so lonely and needed some jazzing up!  So, I taped a stencil on the top of the vanity and with a Sharpie marker colored on pink polka dots.  Whallaa some personality!

Upcycled Girl's Desk And with that she was done and the finale project was finally finished~   Bitter Sweet for sure!!!

I hope you fall in love with her!!!

Upcycled Girl's Desk

Thanks again to everyone that voted for me this entire 10 weeks, I had so much fun!!!  Crystal has been a fierce competitor.  Whoever wins I know one thing, we will be blog buddies for years to come!!

Season 17 Finals Challenge Vote

Season 17 Finals Challenge 1Voting will take place through Thursday, November 7, at 5 p.m. MST. You have one vote in the final round, please select your favorite project. The winner will be announced Friday, November 11.

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Halloween Challenge, Season 17

We kicked off the week yesterday with our annual Halloween dinner…The kids have been talking about Halloween and trick-or-treating for a couple weeks now, but it always kicks up a notch around this time of the month.

We still have quite a few traditions that we’ve yet to complete – we’ve got a few movies to watch (The Great Pumpkin, Goonies and Indiana Jones), a few treats to make and eat (caramel apples, caramel corn and donuts) and a whole lot of spooking to do.

Yes. I said spooking. With three boys and a dad who’s assured them Halloween is for scary, not cute, there’s always a whole lot of creepy going on.

I think our competitors have a much softer approach to Halloween. A bit more sweet and a bit more fun. Please take the time to take a look at their projects and vote.

Remember, this is the last week before we head in to our finals. You are picking the two competitors who will compete in our final round to be CHAMPION!

Halloween Challenge

Project #1 Costume Themed Trick-or-Treat Bags

Ahhhhhh- this is getting so crazy!!!  Only two more rounds! Oh my gosh this has been so much fun but so crazy. 10 weeks of straight painting, sawing, nailing, cutting, glue gunning, and even a little sewing cough cough…  So here is the last project till the finale I soooo hope you love them…

I made THREE COSTUME THEMED TUTU TRICK OR TREAT BAGS for three different costumes.  The first is for a Pink Lady Costume, the second a Minion Costume and last a Leopard Costume…

First off here is the PINK LADY….

Halloween Trick or Treat BagI am not going to show you all the steps because with three of these it didn’t leave me much room to showcase many pictures.   Basically I made the tutu, pinned it on then carefully sewed it on.  That was not the fun part.  Then I made the bows and embellishments and hot glued them on to the bags.  The kids think they are soooo cool.

Trick or Treat BagsI hope I make it through to the next round I found an amazing furniture piece on Craig’s List for $25- wait till you see what  I am going to do with it!!  PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!  Thank you so much!!!!

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags


Project #2 Monster Bowling Set

I am so excited to have made it all the way to this Halloween challenge, especially because I love Halloween!  It is one of my favorite holidays, which is funny because I really hate being scared.  I am not into the spooky or gory Halloween things, so for my Halloween themed craft I wanted to make something more cute than scary, something that wouldn’t give me my kids nightmares. I came up with this cute Halloween themed bowling game.

Monster BowlingThe set is made out of fleece fabric.  I sewed up the oversized monster shaped bowling pins, and then I had a blast decorating their little faces.  The fun thing about designing monsters is anything goes, stripes, spots, one eye, three eyes, horns, hair, fangs, anything you can imagine!  The monsters stand about 14” tall. Then I made a fleece ball to roll at them and decorated it to look like a jack-o-lantern.

Monster BowlingMy kids have already gotten hours of play from this set (even my husband and I have been getting in on the bowling action!)  This game would be really fun at a kids Halloween party. I think we will keep these little guys out all year long!

Monster Bowling


Project #3 Lighted Haunted House

When your kiddos are too little to go to a Haunted House, why not create one of your own!

Haunted House

A few layers of foam board with hand cut and pieced paper details create a one of a kind 3-D Haunted House.  Bonus…It’s a light!  Lit from behind, it creates a fun piece of piece of Halloween art little ones are sure to enjoy for years to come.

Haunted HouseSo excited about how this turned out and what an impact it makes in my Spooky Halloween décor!

Haunted House


This is the last week before our final round. Only two of our competitors will be advancing, so please be sure to VOTE!

SYTYC Halloween Challenge


Please vote for your favorite project. Voting will be open through Thursday, October 24, at 5 p.m. MST.

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Pumpkin Challenge Season 17, Week 7

Some people like pumpkin. Some people don’t. In this house, we love pumpkin. All of us…It’s become a bit of a debate as to when it’s too early to begin making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

I am a fan of waiting. It’s not that I don’t love the cookies. I do. It’s that the boys request them (and can now make them on their own) at least a couple of times a month. And well, I down more than my fair share!

Regardless YOUR personal take on the TASTE of pumpkin, this week we’re embarking on a pumpkin challenge and I think you’re going to like what you SEE.

Pumpkin Challenge

Pumpkin Challenge

Project #1 Pumpkin Quilt Block Candelabra

Hmmm…Pumpkin.  What to make?  Pie? Bars? Donuts? Muffins?  No…A Pumpkin Quilt Block Candelabra!

Pumpkin quilt block candelabra

Created with small pumpkins, an old Candelabra and a lot of patience, this festive piece showcases favorite quilt patterns in a whole new light.  An unexpected greeting for guests or a unique centerpiece for a Fall table…Pretty during the day or illuminated for an evening meal.

Pumpkin quilt block candelabra

Who knew small pumpkins could create such an impact!  What a transformation…Can’t wait to reveal how it’s styled in my Fall Tablescape…Striking!

Pumpkin quilt block candelabra

Project #2 Pumpkin Patch Dress

For this pumpkin challenge I decided to make a dress for my little pumpkin.  I didn’t want to do the typical costumey, big jack-o-lantern face on her belly, type of pumpkin dress you see all the time.  Instead I designed more of a pumpkin inspired dress, something she can wear throughout the fall season, and something that would be perfect for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin Patch Dress

I created this adorable dress that has a lined bodice and a gathered skirt.  I used some orange chevron fabric that I flipped vertical to imitate the grooves on a pumpkin and added some kelly green, like the pumpkin’s stem and vine, for the sash and Peter Pan collar.

I finished the look with two pumpkin buttons I molded from polymer clay.  I made the little pumpkins and poked holes in them before baking, and then they sew on just like regular buttons.

Pumpkin Patch Dress

The weather here stays pretty warm for fall so I went with a sleeveless dress, but this dress would look so cute layered with long sleeves and tights if we get a cold spell.

I hope you like my little pumpkin’s dress and vote me through to the next round!

Pumpkin Patch Dress

Project #3 Easy Pumpkin Wreath

Wow, I am so glad to be back to share this fun and easy pumpkin wreath. I fell in love with these fabrics at the start of the competition and have been saving them for the pumpkin project. I love the mix of orange, brown and cream to create an untraditional pumpkin project.

Pumpkin Wreath

I used the fabric and some stuffing to create the pumpkin shape. Even though this project requires sewing, it is something any one could create. This is one of my favorite projects because it is simple and doesn’t take days to finish.

Pumpkin Wreath

I love how something as simple as a pumpkin can spice up my door. The pendant banner was easy to make and gives a little more “fall” flair to the pumpkin. I hope you will vote to keep me around for another week.

Pumpkin Wreath

Project #4 Rapunzle Pumpkin Tower

So excited to have made it to the next round!!!  Thanks to everyone that voted!!

One of my goals for this contest was to create projects that are unique and interesting. I hope I have delivered that.  I knew I wanted to turn a pumpkin into something fun but I wasn’t sure what. I really wanted to create Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage but sooooo many people had already done that. So, to stay true to my goal, here is my unique pumpkin idea…

Rapunzel Pumpkin TowerI wish you all could feel how heavy this thing is. I think it weighs at least 30 pounds. To start I spray painted the pumpkin with Rustoluem Bright Coat Metallic Finish. Then I hot glued 348 pumpkin seeds onto a Wizard of Oz Tin Man hat. Let’s just say this was incredibly time consuming!!  I went through 15 glue sticks and a few blistered fingers!  Then I cut out and stained the shutters from thin balsa wood from Hobby Lobby and then drew on some “bricks” to make the tower look real.  To top off the roof I glued on a piece of a Christmas Ornament and added some vines and flowers.

Rapunzel Pumpkin Tower

The look on my kid’s faces when they saw the finished project was awesome.  This project took a long time to complete but I had tons of fun with it.  To finish it off I added some purple Halloween mini lights to give it a glow.    Hopefully you’ll vote me through to the next round!

Rapunzel Pumpkin Tower


SYTYC Pumpkin Challenge

It’s time to vote! Please vote for your favorite projects. Voting will be open through Thursday, October 17, at 5 pm. The project with the most votes will be featured next week with a full tutorial.

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Fall Crafts for Kids Challenge Season 17, Week 6

Wow. We’ve past our mid-way point and are well on our way toward the end of Season 17. I am amazed by how quickly the time passes when you are marking the dates each and every week.

Fall Crafts for KidsThis week at SYTYC, we’re celebrating fall crafts for kids.

I am excited to share the project the boys and I worked on together later this week. In the meantime, please check out 10 great fall crafts for kids and our contestants amazing projects.

As the season winds down, it becomes even more important that you pop over and vote! These weeks are incredibly close and its often a matter of votes that decides the winner!

Fall Crafts for Kids Challenge

Project #1 Fall Wind Chimes

Fall is all around. It is a beautiful time of year and a great time to let the kids use their creativity. Fall has beautiful colors and lots of natural elements that are incorporated in decor and crafts. I wanted to incorporate these elements into a fun craft for kids.

Fall Wind Chimes

We used rocks, pine cones, wooden beads and some metal tea light holders (from the Target Dollar Spot) to create this fun fall wind chimes kid craft. This craft is more than just a craft. Kids can take a nature walk to collect rocks, pine cones and whatever they can find in nature to use in their wind chimes.

Fall Wind Chimes

The rocks are fun to paint and designing the wind chimes allows creativity to flow. This craft is perfect for kids and parent/adults to work on together. The kids can work on the wind chimes until they need the help of the parents. We had so much fun created them and I hope you liked it too!

Fall Wind ChimesProject #2 Halloween Candy Dispenser

Besides dressing up, my kiddos favorite thing about Halloween is the candy…Honestly, I enjoy sneaking my favorite pieces out of their bags too!  So, we created Halloween Candy Dispensers…

Halloween Candy Dispenser

All it took was a combination of mailing tubes, scrap paper, washi tape (LOTS of washi tape…My kiddos LOVE tape) ball ornaments and a dose of Creativity!  My kiddos designed them and I assisted in the hard part like cutting small pieces and using the glue gun.

Halloween Candy Dispenser

Make them to keep at home or to share with friends.  Either way, they are so stinkin’ cute…and FUN to make!

Halloween Candy Dispenser

Project #3 Pumpkin Bird Feeder

I had such a hard time deciding what to make for this challenge, not because I couldn’t come up with any ideas but because I came up with too many!  I finally settled on this bird feeder because I knew my animal loving kid would really enjoy it and because now that it is starting to get cool out, our feathered friends will soon be in search of food.  We had such a good time creating this little pumpkin shaped bird feeder to help the birds out!

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

We started with two 2 liter soda bottles, some paint, ribbon, a pipe cleaner, and a wooden dowel.  I did all the cutting and hole punching and then my son got to get messy and do all the decorating.  There was lots of learning with this project too, which was really fun!  While we painted we talked about birds, where they live and what they eat (my son wanted to feed them strawberries, but we went with bird seed instead).  We talked about the seasons and how when it gets cold in the fall and winter and all the leaves fall off the trees, it is hard for the birds to find food.   He learned about migration and how some birds like to fly south when it is cold, while others will hang around here with us.

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Once the paint dried and we assembled our feeder, we filled it with bird seed and hung it in out backyard.  The feeder has been a bit hit with the cardinals and finches.  It has been fun peeking outside and seeing the birds at our feeder.  I hope you like our bird feeder and vote me through to the next round!

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Project #4 Leaf Crown and Magic Wand

So this was a super fun project.  My kiddos have been surrounded by hot glue, paint, saws, ribbon, and anything that creates messes for years and I LOVE that they get into it like Mom.  One day they got up before me on a Saturday and I couldn’t find them anywhere…. I finally found them in my “craft room” making pretty flip flops with the hot glue gun!   Oh, it melted my heart.  So they were totally game for this project!

Leaf Crown and Magic Wand

This project wasn’t particularly difficult but time consuming waiting for everything to dry.  The garage looked like a glitter fairy showed up and didn’t have time to clean before she left.

Leaf Crown and Magic Wand

The wand was the most fun for the kids.  We first gathered our favorite sticks from outside then went to town.  We had many others that didn’t make the cut.    If I win the first place spot I’ll have to showcase some of the “out takes”.  I have an awesome idea for the Pumpkin craft, you’ll get to see it if you vote for my project!!  Thanks!

Leaf Crown and Magic WandProject #5 Thanksgiving Piñatas

I’m back!! Woo hoo!! Thanks for all who have participated in voting and help me to see another week in the contest. For this week’s challenge, I decided to make on of my favorite things to make…piñatas! Seriously, they are a lot of fun to make and even more fun to give away.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Pinata

Since the challenge was Fall Crafts For Kids, I enlisted the help of my children. I thought about doing a leaf piñata, but settled on a pilgrim hat instead. First, I had my son write out some words associated with Thanksgiving. Words such as, blessings, give thanks, and family. Next, I had them make confetti by cutting up a bunch of napkins. This was probably their favorite part. There was confetti everywhere! After the last bit of confetti was cut, they began stuffing the mini piñatas. First, a handful of confetti, then their Thanksgiving messages, finally they topped it off with even more confetti. We sealed and decorated the piñatas.

Pilgrim Hat Pinata

These make great school treats! We plan to hand out ours on Thanksgiving to family and friends. If you would like to see the full tutorial, consider voting for me! Thanks and I hope to be here again next week!

Pilgrim Hat Pinata



Fall Crafts for KidsIt’s time to vote! Please vote for your top two favorite projects. Voting will be open through Thursday, October 10, at 5 pm. The project with the most votes will be featured next week with a full tutorial.

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Scraps Challenge Season 17, Week 5

Scraps ChallengeIt’s hard to believe we’re half way through the current season. Time flies…

One of the things that surprises me is how different (or similar) our contestants interpret the weekly challenges. When I set the challenges, I have a picture in my mind of just how I think they will go…The interesting thing? Rarely do the contestants have the same take on a theme that I do!

Despite their varied take on the project, they all have one thing in common – they work their fingers to the bone. Really. I don’t think anyone realizes what a crush all these weeks of dedicated crafting are. So, take a minute, go visit our contestants and show them how much you appreciate what they’re doing by leaving a comment or two.

Scraps Challenge Projects

Project #1 Scrap Wood Halloween Banner

So, I think that we have all known each other for enough weeks now for me to be honest with you. I *may* have had a variety of scrap material options at my disposal week. Oh, right, honesty. I totally save lots of my scraps and my husband has been known to make fun at me for it. The thing I most often hear about is a wagon full of scrap wood in our garage. Yeah, no joke. I do a lot of wood projects and I wouldn’t think of throwing away perfectly good pieces that could have a use so I toss them in a wagon until an idea (or competition theme) comes along. I mean, I am a blogger after all, so I feel it is justified. This project proves that there is a purpose to my wagon o’ wood.

Scrap Wood Halloween Banner

I had been making a lot of signs with friends and was buying 1×8 inch boards in 6 foot pieces. I had them cut at the store in two pieces to fit in my car and after cutting them into 1 foot pieces, I was left with a stack of 6-8 inch pieces. I decided to cut all of these down to 5 inches wide and make a banner out of them! I was able to find 8 pieces and cut them all down with my saw, then cut one end at a 30 degree angle to make a point.

Scrap Wood Halloween BannerAfter I had everything cut, I drilled the holes and painted each piece black. I chose some scrapbook paper from my leftovers box (seemed like the appropriate choice) and cut it to fit the pieces. I love the way it came out and can’t wait to put it on my mantle next week when I decorate for Halloween! I think it will fit in well with the rest of my décor. As an added bonus, my wood scrap pile gets to live another day.

Scrap Wood Halloween Banner


Project #2 Scraps Caplet

It’s hard to believe that we are already on the 5th challenge of this contest! Thanks for keeping me around another week. Making a cape for my daughter has been on my list of things to do for a while now. So, when this week’s challenge came up, I knew I could utilize some of my fabric scraps and sew her up a cape.

Scraps Capelet

Instead of a full blown cape, I decided on a capelet. It’s a smaller, more feminine version of a cape. This is another easy project for beginners and a bonus for using up fabric from the scrap pile. I must admit, I had to enlist the help of my husband when drawing up the pattern. Math is not my strong suit, so when this started to go the direction of talking about a radius, I knew I needed help.

Scraps Capelet

After sketching the pattern on freezer paper, I cut out an exterior and lining piece. Before sewing those together, I cut and appliquéd several “a’s” on to the capelet using a zig zag stitch. I thought about putting just a single A on the back, but I thought it would be much more fun to add a bunch in different sizes and fabrics. After attaching the last  “a”, I cut a coordinating piece for the tie closure.  I think it turned out really cute! I can’t wait for some cooler weather so she can wear her new capelet! If  you like my project and want to see the full tutorial, please send a vote my way!

Scraps CapeletProject #3 Scrappy Chair Makeover

Wow, if you are reading this I’ve made it through to another week and I am having so much fun. Originally when I was brainstorming about the topic of scraps, all I could think of was scrap metal, scraps of wood and of course scraps of fabric. I really wanted to do something fun that I could use. I had this old comfy office chair that I’ve been wanting to makeover (it was kind of ugly).

Scraps Chair Upcycle I used scraps of fabric, jumbo ric rac, funky tulle and some random scrap buttons. I had all these different scraps from other projects and love how they all came together to create this fun office chair complete with girly finishes.

Scraps Chair UpcycleThe best part about this project is that it was cheaper to make than to buy a fancy new office chair. I found the chair at a thrift store and then had the scraps of fabric and embellishments. This unique office chair has a new place in my craft room. Now it definitely fits in.

Chair UpcycleProject #4 Wood Scrap Pennant Banner

Hello So You Think You’re Crafty Readers!  So excited to still be here…This was the most challenging week thus far!  Do I have scraps to work with?  Far too many, but what to create with all these treasures?

Pennant Banner

After raiding the wood pile, garage and craft room, I came up with a really fun idea!  Inspired by a favorite piece of art, I created a large wooden pennant banner to hang on the wall in our family room.  Scrap wood cut into pennants + fun paint colors around the edges + a topping of fabric from my husbands old shirts and pants + letters cut from a fabric remnant = 1 FUN piece of artwork!

Pennant Banner

I love creating something out of nothing, especially when it turns out better than expected.  I can tell you one thing…We’re always ready to PLAY! (And I cannot wait to show you how it looks on the wall! Love it!)

Wood Pennant BannerProject #5 Baby Quilt

When I saw the scrap challenge in the line up for this season I knew exactly what I wanted to make, a baby quilt.  Quilting was one of my first crafting loves and is still one of the crafty things I enjoy most.  I especially love making baby quilts, they are quick and simple, and there is nothing better than seeing a little one snuggle with the blanket you made!

Scraps - Scrap Quilt 1

I had a lot of fabric scraps to choose from, I have a hard time throwing away fabric scraps from my projects and I tend to keep even smaller pieces that maybe should just be tossed, you never know when you might want 50 small squares of fabric in rainbow colors!  I had just recently organized my sewing room and all my scrap fabrics got organized by color.  Seeing all those scraps in color coded stacks inspired me to make this rainbow quilt.  I think it will make a perfect baby shower gift and could work for either a boy or a girl.

Scrap Baby Quilt Everything I used to make this quilt was leftover from other projects, even the fabric for the back, the binding, and the batting inside.  I started with 50 5” squares of my rainbow colors and 50 5” squares of scrap white fabric to make this quilt.  I used a grey chevron on the back and I love how it looks; the grey is a bit unexpected with all the color on the front.  I had some leftover squares from the front so I added them to the back in a fun chevron pattern.  The binding is double folded so it will be extra durable and is machine sewn to the front and hand stitched to the back for a seamless finish.

I LOVE this quilt, I hope you like it too and vote for me so I can show you how to make your own next week!

Scraps Baby Quilt


Project #6 Luxury Cat Bed

So this was a tough challenge… so many options.  I am a cat person through and through and it seems the Doggies of the world always rule so I thought it was time the Kitties got pampered. I took an old ottoman I found at the Goodwill a few years ago and some scraps of wood, fabric, ribbon, buttons, etc. and made a Luxury Cat Bed.  And what says luxury more than a tufted headboard??!!!

Luxury Cat Bed

I basically flipped the ottoman over cut four side boards and bottom boards that I fixed on with screws then painted the whole piece white.  The tufted head board was fun. I cut holes in a board evenly spaced then upholstered it.  To do the tufts I fished through some quilting thread to some rhinestone buttons.  Then I made the small decorative pillows and the large sleeping cushion.

Luxury Cat Bed

It was bit time consuming but so much fun… and let’s just say the DOGGIE IS NOT HAPPY!!!


Luxury Cat BedKitty is SO HAPPY with her new bed!!   Would love your vote in this round!

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