Bean Bag Buddies

*Project by Vanessa @ Tried & True*

Beanbag Buddies 01

My son is big into animals right now and is crazy about throwing things
around so what better project to work on than animal shaped beanbags? Made
with felt and packed tightly with lentils, they’ll be able to withstand
the brutality of a 1 year old and look darn cute doing it!

Beanbag Buddies 02

I sewed these with a sewing machine but they’re only palmed sized so
sewing by hand is feasible. I’ve got to admit I’m a bit addicted after
making the three of these. I’m already imagining all the other animals
that can be made!

Beanbag Buddies 03

I was kinda thinking that these would be great to practice juggling with
but first I’m going to have to pry them from my little one’s hands. Oh
well, at least he’ll be occupied.

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