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My name is Ashley. I am the wife to the best husband and the mother to the two most adorable children. Aubrey is my son (it really is a boy name) he’s 3 and a complete handful but a joy none the less! Addison is my “gorgeous” (at least that’s what we call her in our house) she just turned 1 and it happened way to fast! I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mama to my wondeful kiddos. My dining room table is my craft room and at any given time I am trying to finish 2-10 projects. I keep getting ideas and can’t wait to start, but I run out of time : ) I get around to it though….eventually.

I am sarcastic, always wear t shirts, hardly ever wear make up, love to laugh until I pee in my pants (not really about the peeing part), and most of all love my family! They are the inspiration behind my crafting! I started blogging to give myself a hobby and I fell in love with it. You will find tutorials, stories about my kids, DIY crafts, ect on my blog. I started an etsy store with infant-adult hair accessories and hats. I am currently in the process of adding patterns to my shop which is something I never thought I would enjoy but the pattern is almost more fun than the crafting. I enjoy new things so the patterns allow me to change it up daily : )

I always loved crafting, but really got into it when I started having kids. My daughter taught me to sew (as I like to say). She was still in my tummy, but I wanted to make her bedding… so I taught myself to sew. I wanted to have crochet hats for their Christmas pictures so I taught myself to crochet. I am a very driven person… except when it comes to cleaning my house. I would rather craft… but every woman must do it!

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