Around the World Challenge (Season 16, Week 5}

Around the World

Who’s ready for our week five challenge? Yesterday I introduced the “around the world” challenge theme and I have to say these girls went the distance! I love seeing the amazing, original ideas that pop up every. single. week.

The Projects…

Project #1 Paris Quilt

Paris QuiltI am so excited to be back this week and share my around the world project with you.  Right after I found out one of the theme for this season was around the world, my daughter decided she wanted to decorate her bedroom with a Paris theme.  I knew I would have lots of projects in her room and the hardest part of this would be deciding which project to use for the contest.  The other hard part has been not telling anyone I am decorating my daughter’s bedroom in a Paris theme but I did it.  YAY!!

Paris QuiltI decided to use her quilt for this weeks’ project.  I have made her several quilts in the past and she always says “It’s too cold.”, so with this quilt I made a six inch square quilted top but I used warm fuzzy fleece fabric for the back.  It worked out great.  I let her pick out the backing fabric since I picked out the four coordinating top fabrics.  Its thin but super warm.

Paris QuiltProject #2 Sheet Music Globe

When I saw the theme for this week, I knew I needed to makeover this old globe.  I got it at a garage sale for a dollar a few months ago, and my husband thought I had finally lost it!  I don’t know where the previous owners were keeping this thing, but it was filthy!  Neon and dust and dirt!  OH MY!  Doesn’t it look a million times better?

Sheet Music GlobeI had no idea what I was going to do with the thing until we got this old piano.  A piano calls for sheet music art, of course, so the sheet music globe was born.

Sheet Music GlobeLet me tell you, this thing was more difficult than it looks to pull off!  Mod Podging paper onto a round surface wasn’t so easy, and it took several coats of spray paint to cover up that horrible neon! All worth it in the end though because, once again, I have proven to my husband that I am not as crazy as he thinks.

Sheet Music Globe

Project #3 Pictorial Wall Compass

Photo Wall CompassWouldn’t it be fun if we could all just spend our time traveling the world! Sign me up! I have been lucky enough to spend some time traveling. I chose to use photos from my adventures, as well as the adventures of my favorite people to make a PICTORIAL WALL COMPASS. It’s fun to look at when what’s on the TV can be quite depressing these days.


Photo Wall CompassI used chalkboard paint for my compass and put a heart in the middle of my direction areas because of my love for adventure. The wood bases were chosen to add a 3D effect which is tricky to see from the photos, but they are 3 different thicknesses. The compass piece is a fence post top

Photo Wall CompassThere is 1 photo from every continent!! Let me tell you it was difficult to choose just one! I chose to arrange the photos similarly to how they would be seen on a map.

Project #4 Embroidered Fabric Flight Case

Flight CaseTruth be told this is my second attempt at this theme. The first idea just didn’t feel ‘Around the Worldy’ enough! So after a rethink… a decorated flight case seemed to fit the bill.

This flight case started life functional, black and boring. Great for a ‘blend in at work’ look but we’re not about blending in or looking boring. There is always time for a little pazzazz in life. Every aviator, traveller, woman needs nice luggage right?! The great thing about flight cases is that they hold enough for a weekend getaway (My bag is ready, just send me the invite!)

Embroidered Stamped Flight CaseI wanted the bag to represent places loved and a place to dream of visiting. The maps are stitched onto fabric with the place of interest stamped on. I made the landmark stamps from erasers. A fabric luggage label finishes it all off.

Eraser StampsI hope you have some fun travels coming up.

Project #5 Olympic Rings Bracelet

Olympic Rings BraceletWow, I had a hard time coming up with an idea for the Around the World Challenge. I thought of different crafts from different cultures, but nothing really felt totally global, if you know what I mean. That’s when my husband said, “What about the Olympics? That’s pretty ‘around the world.'” He was right!

I put together an Olympic ring bracelet that hopefully won’t put me under IOC scrutiny. I’ve always wanted to try chain mail jewelry, and I figured that connecting the rings with another set of linked rings would sync nicely.

Olympic BraceletI made the Olympic rings by wrapping large jump rings in Chinese knotting cord. I secured the ends with some super glue.

I found a pattern for Helmsweave chain mail and used that to create the bulk of the bracelet. It requires linking together different sized jump rings to create a chain.

Olympic BraceletI love the way it turned out, even if the Winter Olympics aren’t for another 8 months. I hope you like it, too!

Project #6 Around the World in 80 Days

Around the WorldAs soon as I saw that the theme for this week was Around the World, the inner nerd in me immediately thought of the classic book “Around the World in 80 Days”, which has often been represented with illustrations of men in a hot air balloon. Now, here is where I am going to blow your mind….they never actually travelled in one during the story. Nope, no hot air balloons for those original guys, but the film in 1956 changed that storyline and I much prefer the idea of travelling the world in a beautiful hot air balloon, as opposed to a steam train or an elephant. Plus, hot air balloons make for a much cuter outfit!

Around the WorldUsing multiple fabrics, I created an adorable little dress. The bodice has a strip of fabric featuring a sweet hot air balloon and ric rac trim, the middle part of the skirt is composed of unique world map fabric, and the outer skirt fabric has fun drawings of kids from all around the world holding hands.

I always love mixing and matching fabrics…even if they aren’t from the same designer or fabric line, you can still make them work together.

Around the World DressI also made her a fun hot air balloon necklace out of polymer clay. In order to create the balloon, I used several colors of clay and formed it into the proper shape.  The “basket” is just plain white.  Each of those pieces got baked in the oven.  Once cooled, I glued several strands of thread to hold the “basket” to the balloon and then threaded it onto elastic, along with some cute beads I had in my stash.

Finally, out of the leftover hot air balloon fabric, I made a simple banner that my daughter wants to hang up in the playroom. I simply cut the balloons to shape and sewed each one to some white felt for stability and then sewed them all onto some white ric rac.

Hope you guys like everything! And if you have never seen the original movie, you should really check it out!

The Vote…

Around the WorldVoting on SYTYC’s “around the world” challenge will run through Thursday, July 11, at 5 p.m. MST. The winner will be announced on July 12.

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