Apple Trouble HedgeHog tutorial

*Tutorial by Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff for her win during the Children’s Literature challenge of season 10.*
Once again! A great big thanks to all who voted for my hedgehog from Apple Trouble! All the contestants have come up with some amazing crafts!!! It’s so hard every week! And keeps getting harder and harder!
And a quick side note. My laptop had to be reset this week. That means, I lost my adobe programs temporarily! I’ve got to find them from their boxes so I can recall and get authorization numbers so I can reinstall them. (They are still packed away) so I have the tutorial ready to share with you here, but I’ll have to upload the actual pdf patterns later this week and will have them to share with you too! (Don’t worry, they will be free of charge and I’m trying to get them done asap!) Until then, if you are good at free handing, here is the how to tutorial! If not only a few more days and I’ll have them ready to print for you!
For the colorful piece of paper in the story:
Cut two pieces of blue felt and two pieces of transparency paper. (You can also use a chip bag.)
Then stack them up. Felt, transparencies, Felt. Sew around the outer edge.
Sew the hard side of a piece of Velcro to the corner.
And you have the colorful piece of paper. The transparency in the inside allows it to be crinkled like real paper.
For the Crumpled Leaf:
Cut out two leaf shapes from brown felt and one slightly smaller from a transparency (or a chip bag).
Layer the transparency in between the felt. Then head to your sewing machine and sew a straight line down the center of the leaf.
Then sew around the outer edge of the leaf.
Then sew back up the center line making random pleats as you sew.
This gives the leaf a crumpled look. I got in about three pleats. Just make your pleat by folding the fabric slightly under itself.
When you get to the end, turn the leaf around and sew back over the middle line to secure all the pleats.
And there you have your crumpled leaf. Now sew on the hard side of a piece of Velcro in the center of the leaf.
Now for the three nuts in the story:
Cut out three small circles and nine u-shapes out of light brown felt.
Stack two of the felt u-shapes, and sew them together along one of the edges. Start at the flat top and go to the center of the u.
Then take another U-shape piece and sew the edge just like you did above to the other side of the felt piece you already sewed.
Then sew the remaining two sides together.
You will have a little thimble type shape.
Turn it inside out.
Then stuff it with batting.
On the circle top sew a small piece of the hard side of Velcro.
Then hand sew the circle to the top of the nut. (I hope your laughing. Because I felt awkward making these and I still giggle just writing this tutorial. I don’t know why.)
Repeat two more times, until you have three nuts.
For the Four Blackberries:
Cut the exact same shapes as above, only a little bigger. You are going to follow the exact same thing as the nuts. Only at the end use fabric glue and glue on light purple dots to make them look like blackberries. You will want four of these.
For the Pink Waterlily:
Cut one rectangle of felt. Then in the center of it cut it apart using a zig-zag.
Take one of the felt pieces and hold the zig zag edge in your hand.
Add a little dab of hot glue on the straight edge.
Start rolling it up.
Keep adding glue and rolling until you get to the end.
Then start adding the other piece.
And roll and glue it completely up as well.
Turn it up.
Spread out the petals.
Hot glue a piece of the hard side of Velcro on the underneath.
And now for the apple: (which kind of looks like a tomato, I know, don’t worry, I’ve changed the pattern and it will be more like an apple this go around.)
Cut a small rectangle of brown felt.
Roll it up.
Sew down the center of it.
Then cut four of these apple shapes of red felt.
Then stack two on top of each other and sew down and around one of the sides.
Then fold it back. In the top set in the brown stem.
Then grab the third piece of felt. Line it up with the apple edge.
And sew around one of it’s edges.
Then grab the fourth piece and line it up.
Sew down around one of it’s edges.
Then on the last opening sew down around the edge and stop.
Pick it up and sew up around the top, leaving an opening in the center.
Turn the apple right sides out.
Then stuff it with batting and hand sew it closed.
Now, let’s make this tomato look like an apple? Shall we. Take a needle and thread and put the needle through the apple by the stem across one of the seams.
Then sew it through the end point of the same piece.
And go back through the very tip next to it towards the stem.
And then sew back through right next to the stem and pull as tight as you can. Once the tip folds in and you get an apple shape push the needle all the way through the apple to the bottom.
And then put it back up and to the top of the apple next to the stem on another seam.
Keep the thread as tight as you can. If you like you can tie a knot here just to secure it.
Then we are going to repeat the process on the other pointed edge.
And secure it down.
Repeat with the third pointed side.
And then with the fourth.
Either hot glue or hand sew the hard piece of Velcro onto the side of the apple.
Now for the hedgehog. I realize up until this point it’s pretty easy to do with out the pattern. So hopefully you can figure this out too! I’m so sorry to make you have to wait a few more days for the printable version. (darn computer)
You will need two pieces for the bottom of your hedge hog that look like this.
And you will need four ears.
You will need two pieces to make the spikes that look like this. I used faux fur.
Take two of the ear pieces and sew them together right sides. Leave the flat side open.
Then turn them right sides out.
Sew around the outer edge of the ear pieces.
Then you will need four pieces cut out like this for the legs. Two of them will be a few inches longer than the other two.
Fold them in half right sides together. Sew down the side and across the bottom.
Turn them right sides out.
On the ends of them sew four lines to separate the toes.
Stuff them.
Out of dark brown felt cut out two eyes, and whiskers, and a nose. Sew one eye and half of the whiskers onto each side of the bottom pieces.
Then take the ears and the feet and pin them to the bottom piece. The longer legs are the “arms”.
Repeat with the other bottom piece, only it will be mirror image.
Sew the arms and ears on.
Now line up the raw edge of the spiky piece with this edge of the bottom, right sides together and sew them together. Then flip the spikes up.
Repeat with the other side.
Put these two pieces right sides together.
Sew around the entire outside, tucking the legs up, leaving a four to five inch opening where my hand is, on the belly.
Turn right sides out. There will be extra fabric between the back legs and an extra large tummy. This is how we make the pouch, (I have changed this in the next directions) Fold this extra fabric up inside the hedge hog.
Head on over to your sewing machine and sew along the folded edge, this creates a little pouch. While you sew add a strip of Velcro onto each side to hold it closed. If you don’t want to sew it on, hot glue it.
Fill the hedgehog with stuffing.
Sew him closed.
Then sew on his nose.
And there you have it! Your finished hedgehog!
And like I mentioned, I’ve made a few changed to him already to improve the pattern to make it easier and prettier! So stay tuned in the next few days when I get it all put together! I can’t wait to see all the ones that you make! I hope you’ll come over to my blog and post them in the comments so I can check them out!!!
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