Anthro Pillow Tutorial

*Tutorial made by Ashley @ Cherished Bliss for her win during the Knock-Off challenge*
This was by far my favorite week yet! I love making things really cheap that look and are otherwise very expensive. Makes me feel good about myself : )

This Anthro Pillow is my inspiration


Here is my version. I used more of a pottery barn color scheme to better fit my needs. It is made out of a  white cotton blend and beige linen. My pintucking is closer together and a little thicker overall… I like mine better : ) Shh! Don’t tell anyone.


  I absolutely love this pillow!! It is a great accent! and I’m a super big fan of pintucking : )

Here is how I did it.
-Coordinating fabrics of your choice. Yardage depends on what size pillow you are making (you will need the size of your pillow + 1 inch. and then however much you want for your pintucking accent piece. It takes a bit of fabric for the pintucking… I just kinda winged it in the measurements. Assume you will need more cause it does go through the fabric kinda quickly.
-Sewing machine
-Matching thread
-Pillow insert
Ok, now for the tutorial : )
1. Measure your pillow, add one inch (so if your pillow is 18×18, cut 19×19) So you will need two squares for the front and back of the pillow, set these aside (I like to do all my cutting first since that is my least favorite part)
2. cut a pieces of fabric the width of the pillow, and then length depends on how much pintucking you want to do… I think I used about 19×19 as well.You might want to add a little extra on your width cause my edges got a little crooked since I was gathering at random : )
3. First we will begin the pintucking process. Your going to put your fabric right side down, and fold up little creases and sew them down.
Now, my absolute FAVORITE thing about this style of pintucking is {it doesn’t matter} It does not have to be a straight stitch…it’s better if it’s not. It doesn’t have to be the same size or lined up perfectly… it’s kinda like cooking dinner and not cleaning up the kitchen afterwards!!! Oh.Yeah. : )
So Once you are done you should have a piece that looks like this.
4. Pin it centered on the right side of one of your squares you cut out earlier. You can either press under the edges or I just took my last “tuck” and then you sew it right on the front of your fabric!
5. Next just assemble your pillow. Put the right sides of both squares together (pintucking on the inside) sew three of the edges together, and on the fourth side sew in a few inches (make sure and backstitch here) from each corner leaving a gap in the middle, clip the corners, turn right side out, insert pillow, and the slip stitch the hole closed
You are done! Isn’t it beautiful? I hope if you make some you will send me your pictures! I can’t wait to make these in some fun colors!
The pillow behind I just put the pintucked fabric off center and vertical.
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  1. says

    If you are the one who made this marvellous thing, then you are the crafter I voted for 🙂
    I love this pillow!! 🙂