Animal – Week 6

Craft #1 – “Hello, I’m Mr. Ed” Chandelier – Mary Beth

Giddy up!  When it comes to making chandeliers, this was my first rodeo.  I was inspired, or should I say “challenged” by a friend to make this.  She sent me a link to a similar chandelier she had found online that cost almost $400.  Yowza.   She asked if I could recreate it for less.  As John Wayne said “Courage is being scared to death – and saddling up anyway.”  Lord knows I love a new challenge, so I said I would give it a whirl.  I saddled up and gave it a run for my money.  And this one only ended up costing me $39!  Can I get a Yee haw?!

Craft #2 – Baby Tracks – Cheri

There is something undeniably adorable about baby handprints and footprints.  I love those chunky little feet.  Well, here is a way to showcase those sweet little fingers and toes….baby tracks!  These little animals are cute on their own, but add some baby prints and you have fun, meaningful art for your children’s room.
The animals are 3-D with multiple layers.  See how the owl’s little feathers curl out?  (It’s a little tricky to show you that in a picture.)  You can use handprints or footprints on any of the animals.
Here’s a quick close-up of each one….
(The tutorial would include a free pdf file of each animal.)

Craft #3 – Felt Dinosaur Play Mat – Carrie

We love all things Dinosaurs around here! So, for the animal theme I made a Dinosaur Habitat.


This habitat is full of hand sewn prehistoric creatures… Including a lava spewing Volcano, Brontosaurus, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and some Prehistoric Trees.


Each piece is movable which allows for endless combinations of prehistoric play.The felt mat can even be folded up and taken along with you to      grandma’s house!


Craft #4 – Bean Bag Buddies – Vanessa

Beanbag Buddies 01

My son is big into animals right now and is crazy about throwing things
around so what better project to work on than animal shaped beanbags? Made
with felt and packed tightly with lentils, they’ll be able to withstand
the brutality of a 1 year old and look darn cute doing it!

Beanbag Buddies 02

I sewed these with a sewing machine but they’re only palmed sized so
sewing by hand is feasible. I’ve got to admit I’m a bit addicted after
making the three of these. I’m already imagining all the other animals
that can be made!

Beanbag Buddies 03

I was kinda thinking that these would be great to practice juggling with
but first I’m going to have to pry them from my little one’s hands. Oh
well, at least he’ll be occupied.

Craft #5 – Knuffle Bunny – Emilie

This Summer my children fell in love with a new friend while participating in our local library’s Summer Reading Program…

Knuffle Bunny. Now, some people pronounce it “Nuffle” while others say “Ka-nuffle” (including our family), but no matter how you say it, this story book character by creator Mo Willems is completely adorable!
Of course when this week’s theme was Animals I knew it was my chance to create our very own Knuffle Bunny for our family to love.

Now, I’ll admit, this Knuffle Bunny took a few tries. I wanted him to truly look like the real deal. But now that he is perfected I have an easy pattern which I can use again and again. When my friend’s daughter begins her first year of Kindergarten this Fall, her very own Knuffle Bunny and a copy of the two Knuffle Bunny books will be carefully placed in a little basket and given to her as a Kindergarten gift!

Don’t you need your very own Knuffle Bunny for the cute kids in your life?

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  1. says

    Wow! I had the hardest time choosing this week. I had to finally choose by deciding which one I would actually make and hope I get a tutorial to do so. Kudos ladies, ALL the projects were amazing!

  2. chris says

    I really want to make the dinosaur play mat. I like it the best because you can add to it. I can see my kids learning about a new dinosaur and then making that one for them to include. You could also add to the features on the mat. I think this toy would last forever, and then I would give it to a teacher!

  3. michelle says

    These were great entries! It was hard for me to pick between the bean bag animals and the dino mat.

  4. says

    Hey girl! Great crafts this week. I am highlighting a few of them at I told my viewers to become followers of you! HOpe you get a few more followers!

  5. says

    I came over from somedaycrafts, and I’m going to follow you now! I really hope that you show tutorials for all of these projects! I need to get started on Christmas gifts and these seem perfect.