An All-Star Peacock Finale

So I had a crazy day yesterday.  While I was stopped at a red light (I was the first car on the line) I was looking up the road in front of me and noticed some police lights racing toward me.  As they got closer I noticed that they were cashing a van.  Then I watched as the van over corrected, spun around the flipped sideways onto the curb and slide almost a whole block before it stopped just a few feet in front of me – I totally thought he was going to hit me.  Then guess what?  The guy driving the van jumped out and took off down the street.  The police finally caught him and I gave my statement, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a high speed chase turned car accident turned pursuit on foot.  Little bit scary, but an awesome story now.

Now lets get back on topic shall we 🙂  It’s the season finale!!  How did it get here so fast?!  Jessica from Running with Scissors had the most votes last week with her Thread Sketches.

I think that is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  I would never have the guts to just “draw” with my sewing machine!  And look how fantastic it looks!

It was such a tight race for 2nd place last week!  But in the end Kim won out.  That means that Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts will be leaving us this week.

She won’t be leaving empty handed however.  She won a fabulous prize pack including a gift basket of earrings, a necklace, & a bandana dress from Belle Adore, & a $25 gift card to Lily Bella Fabrics.  But make sure you’re following her fabulous blog so you don’t miss any of her crafty goodness.

This season, instead of having the normal “wild card” finale we normally have, I decided to give them a theme.  So the finale this time is all about Peacocks!

Craft #1 – Peacock Painting by Kim @ A Girl & a Glue Gun

so peacock? who knew they were so popular!? (don’t believe me? pinterest it!)

I had a brain block for the longest time with peacock. (and maybe i thought i would never get to top two so i wouldn’t have to worry about it!) but once I really got down and started brainstorming i came up with some fun peacock ideas! but i had to narrow it down and decided on this picture:

one of my favoritest things about peacocks is the i know i wanted that a big feature point…

so i grabbed some old blinds and hot glued them together, painted them and then found this fun peacock image and i handpainted it on with white to really make it pop!


it’s super fun..super large and cost me nothing but time..and the kitchen floor space…but hey, i wasn’t going to mop this week anyway!



Craft #2 – Peacock Dress by Jessica @ Running with Scissors

I’m surprised I made it this far and I’m excited to be here for the finale of SYTYC!
I decided I didn’t want to go with a literal interpretation of an actual peacock bird, but instead designed a dress that’s thoughtfully been inspired by peacocks in color palate, form, and texture.
The dress is comfortable, perfect for Spring and Summer, and ended up having a 1920’s vibe I really love.
The color palate for the dress focuses on the sapphire body feathers of male peacocks, and the chartreuse detailing in the underskirt and metallic belt  pull the green from the peacock tail.
I chose to style my look with gold shoes and jewelry, pulling in a touch of the warmer golds in the tail feathers.
The silhouette of the dress was inspired by the peacock’s actual form.
The skirt has a subtle high to low hem, which was a nod at the dragging tail of the birds.  I added the chartreuse underskirt to not only add to the color palate, but it reminded me of the hidden aspect of a peacock tail, where the green flashy feathers are only seen with the tail is raised.  The green underskirt is just a little flash of color at the hem.
The longer flutter sleeves were a soft feminine shape and design that seemed to move and flow like bird’s wings.
There’s a lot of texture in this dress.
The bodice has a cross front design with the gathered, folded details over a simple fitted bodice base.
I added pin-tucks everywhere. Each pin-tuck is a small pleat you sew to add the slight raised texture around the skirt that slightly radiates from the center front and back.
The back of the bodice has a radiating pin-tuck design to mimic the shape of the raised, full peacock tail, but in a subtle way.


The fabric was only $4.00 from a thrift store and $1.50 for the invisible zipper in the side seam, making the whole dress only $5.50!!
It’s comfortable, easy to wear, and something you can dress up with heels, or go casual with flats and a cardigan.
It’s been fun to participate with all the other talented ladies this season!
I’ve got a lot more projects I need to run and get working on, but if you’re interested you can catch more sewing, building, crafting and decor on my blog: Running With Scissors
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  1. Frances Ortega says

    Wow! Both items are works of art, these gals definately elevate crafting to the next level. I sew and know the work and detail that went into the dress. It is georgous and expensive looking. I LOVE the touch of green peeking out of the back hem (a close-up of that green would have been great, I hope everyone notices it.) So, my vote is for that stunning dress.

  2. Kimberly says

    I can’t believe Kim painted that on OLD BLINDS!! I never would have guessed that from the bottom picture.

  3. says

    Such a hard theme! But I have to say I give it to Jessica. Not only this dress, but you’ve had some totally amazing crafts through out the entire competition!!! You go girl!

  4. adelhid says

    Kimbo’s peacock is just amazing! I’m trying to think of a good spot for it at my house!

  5. says

    This is tough! I love them both! But in the end I’m going to have to go with the dress. That blue is electrifying – I love Jessica’s interpretation of the theme and how she weaves it into her craft

  6. Jenn says

    Gosh – how amazing are they both! I absolutely love the flash of green on the dress and as for those pin tucks….WOW! However, Kim’s picture is stunning and something I’d love to have on my wall, so she gets my vote. Good luck, girls!

  7. says

    Gotta go with the painting! So amazing! We’re doing our bedroom in a peacock theme and I just was totally inspired! I can’t believe that’s made out of BLINDS! How cool is she?

  8. Kristen says

    The painting is cool and creative, but the dress is amazing. I can’t even imagine how much thought and time went into that dress with all of the subtle peacock hints. It gets my vote!

  9. Ivana says

    I have to go with Jessica! The dress is gorgeous! The details and technique in it are so ambitious and clearly show great skills and talent. Go Jessica!

  10. Threadless says

    Jessicas dress is fabulous, I love the way the theme has inspired and informed this stunning make. Whilst I also love the painting Jassica gets my vote