Week 3 – Love

Can you believe it’s already Valentines Day?  It must be the super warm winter or something, but time is just going by way to fast!  I found something today that I thought was super fun and decided to share.  Remember those little note games we used to play in elementary school?  Like M.A.S.H and Love?  Well, I found an online love calculator!  You type in the names of two people and it will give you the percentage of love that you share!  Just like that grade school game!  Apparently my hubby and I have an 84% love connection 🙂  That got me thinking so I went searching and found an online version of M.A.S.H for you too.  You’re welcome 🙂
I loved all the projects from last weeks theme.  I’m a sucker for a good kids book and a great craft based on a book gives me weak knees.    I’m almost embarrased to say that I had never heard of Apple Trouble before Shannon’s winning Hedge Hog craft, but I’ll be sure to pick it up on our weekly library run in a few days.
Isn’t it just adorable!
But now my least favorite part.  Saying “goodbye” to the first crafter of the season.  Charlene’s Wizard of Oz Ornaments were so fun!  I bet my father-in-law would love them – He has a thing for The Wizard of Oz.
And I’m a sucker for a themed Christmas tree.
I bet you won’t ever guess this weeks theme 😉  It might have something to do with a big day this week.  That’s right!  Love!

Craft #1 – Love You Plates by Deidre @ A Craft a Day

If you are anything like me (a mom with children) you might just be staying in for Valentines Day.  My husband and I rarely do go out for V-day, but I usually make us a special dinner that we enjoy AFTER the children are in bed.  I set the table, light candles and it’s just the two of us.  Silence, adult conversation and food.  It just doesn’t get better than that!
This year, we will be enjoying our dinner on special plates that I made.  Something cute.  These would also make a wonderful wedding gift, shower gift, or… just because.  The process for making these plates was not only simple, but something anyone can do and budget friendly.
 You can do this process with any image you draw, print from your computer or re-create. The possibilities are endless with this idea!

Craft #2 – Love Letters by Kim @ A Girl and a Glue Gun

you know..I’m not really a huge decorator for holidays (except Christmas) so i didn’t want to spend my time making something that would only be shown for a good month out of the year….

and since i have been meaning to do pillows for my daughters room…i thought sure..let’s do some giant love letters….

One for my daughter Jordan…and one for my daughter Kameron…
They are made from foam…covered with fabric..and are about 3 inches thick and 18 inches tall…
and they come with a special little hidden pocket to put some REAL love letters in…

super sweet and super cute!

Craft #3 – DIY Photoshoot with Heart Bokeh by Kirstin @ KoJo Designs

What happens when your go-to photog (who also happens to be your sister) moves across the ocean and you want to make photo Valentines? Well, first you feel a little sorry for yourself. And then you assemble a pile of supplies for a do-it-yourself, at-home photo shoot.

The essentials? Some heart bokeh (the blurry heart-Christmas-lights in the background- I can’t wait to share how to ‘shape’ your bokeh)…

…a chippy painted backdrop, pink and red balloons and a handmade dress…

…and you have yourself a Valentine-worthy photo shoot! Come on over to kojodesigns for more DIY photo shoot goodness (and some of the funny outtakes!)

Craft #4 – Love Sign Knock-Off by Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage

Angie with The Country Chic Cottage here for love week!  I went to pinterest for some love project inspiration.  I fell in love with a sign there…$300!!  YIKES!  My love project became an attempt to knock off that sign on a pint size budget.  I made mine completely with things I had on hand.  Yes free to me.  My love sign knock off…
Here is the original and my version side by side.  My version is almost exactly the same size as the original.  However, mine is three boards versus two.  By using three boards, mine is made with standard size lumber so that anyone can make one for themselves at home.  All you need for the letters is a printer, a pen, a ruler, some paint, and some patience.
I will have a full tutorial on how you can make your own love sign on my blog after the voting ends.  Including the painting details on these rustic letters….
I hope you enjoy this sign as much as I do!

Craft #5 – Sweetheart Pillow by Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff

With Valentines Day right around the corner and the weekly theme of LOVE I decided I wanted to create something that would work both as decor and as something fun for my family for the season of LOVE as well. I came up with this… A Conversation Hearts Pillow. I created the pillow to look like the actual box of conversation hearts you can pick up at the store.
Inside the box you can find conversation hearts that have been personalized for my family. I have written places we have lived, special dates, birthdays, names. You could really do anything on them and personalize it specifically for anyone! The back I used fabric that I turned into a Chevron print, because I just couldn’t resist! The edge is complete with a purple felt ruffle!
My boys came home from school and saw it resting on the couch and immediately were drawn to it. I was upstairs and my oldest yelled, “Mom, this thing is soo cool.” And because it’s a pillow they can turn it upside down, punch it, you name it, anything to get those hearts to wiggle around so they can spot their name or birthday, etc. It’s been a fun addition to our home this season!
If you would like to see more pictures of this project come on over and visit me at my blog Shannon Makes Stuff. I’d love if you would come follow me!

Craft #6 – Family Quilt by Jessica @ Running with Scissors

Last May my father-in-law died suddenly and without
warning. It’s been a hard year for my husband’s fa
mily to say the least, and so
for this week, I thought it would be appropriate to make something representing
the true love within a family.
 I made a quilt for my mother-in-law using shirts from my father-in-law as a reminder of Loy–her husband, my husband’s father, and my kid’s grandpa.

My mother in law recently gave my husband all of
his dad’s shirts. My father in law was really specific in his shirts—they had to
have collars, and chest pockets that snapped so his cell phone wouldn’t fall out
when he’d work. To me, his western style snap pocket shirts were his trademark,
and so much a part of my memories of him. So I created a quilt using all of his
I designed the shirts to look woven together for a
few reasons.
 Aesthetically, I liked the idea of having a visible identifiable
way to see the fabric was a complete shirt, leaving the chest button pockets in
tact and cutting around them. Symbolically I loved the idea of the weave
pattern representing the close knit love of our family.

The actual sewing of the quilt top was quite
simple, as it was all block sewing, just paying attention to the pattern of the
shirts weaving together against the white background squares. I tied the quilt
with gray yarn and backed it with navy blue and white binding.

I also incorporated some free hand sewing on my
machine to sew a dedication block, and my signature in the border.

More details on my blog: Running With Scissors


Craft #7 – Quote Wall Art by Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts

“LOVE” is such a broad theme!! I have been wanting to make a Quote Wall Art for awhile now, so this was just the push I needed to get it done.

I learned some tricks along the way and am happy with the final results – I love the wood showing through – it matches the stain on my bedroom dressers and the color of “gecko” is an accent color in my room.

The quote is from a song that was used on our wedding video (I bet you know it!).  I don’t have a complete picture with it hanging on the wall, so you’ll have to imagine – it’ll go beside the tall dresser and bring color to that side of the room.

Here’s for hoping for your vote!!  

You can see more details and pictures of this project over at www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – –

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    Great projects! I’m not one for Valentine’s day, but I love all of these! x

    p.s. I did that love match calculator with mine and my husband’s names. 32%. Oops! Should have checked it before we got married I guess!