Jessica @ Running with Scissors

My name is Jessica, my blog is called Running With Scissors.  I’m cheap, which inspires me to make as much as I can in order to save money, in addition to the opportunity to be creative and learn new skills.  I love sewing obviously, painting, crafting, refinishing and building furniture, reupholstering old furniture, and overall just love making something new and great from junk.   Growing up with a creative, talented mom who does everything from sewing wedding gowns to stained glass windows and recently built a pergola in her yard from abandoned telephone poles, gives me the mindset to attempt to make things myself.

Besides 7th grade home ec, I learned to sew from my mom and did a little here and there growing up.   Not until I became a stay at home did I have the time to really sew more and figure out how to make basic clothing, mostly for my kids.  Our family’s been blessed with two kids, a 3 year old son and a baby girl. Purchasing our first home also necessitated learning new things like in the furniture/decor realm.  I guess if I can make it rather than buy it, I usually create it myself hopefully saving money in the process.

*You can see Jessica’s Season 3 projects here.*

Jessica’s All Star Projects:


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